aluminum panels Why Screws Are Better Than Nails for Vinyl Installation

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Whether it is for wood, metal or plastic clapboard houses
, which is used to connect them to the house of device called the fasteners.
There are two types of fasteners, screws and nails

Once you realize the nature of the material and the way you drive the screw instead of driving the nail, it's obvious which fastener is the best way to connect vinyl

Screw is the obvious choice, for many reasons.
.- vinyl can split or crack
, especially in cold temperatures, if a pendulum or a powerful influence on the surface of the nail gun to can destroy it
And .

Even if the installer is very careful.-SpeedPower, precision and accuracy of a screwdriver to adjust the torque is far better than even armed with a hammer and nail guns
.- screw penetration is more accurate than the nails, and if an error in the depth of penetration
, one or two problems in the opposite direction is correct
If a nail should drive too far
An exit is almost impossible

- a screw head height can be controlled
The team needs to slide down the fasteners to expend and contract
And .

Nail depth is out of control

- nails is usually caused by steel rust and corrosion loss of integrity and dyeing installed product

Vinyl screws can be corrosion resistant stainless steel or other corrosion resistant materials.Recommended by several vinyl fasteners are also the same as the aluminum siding.
Some good choice is to those who have the penetration at least 3/4 inch and a head of 5/16 of an inch in diameter
They should also have a flat bottom to the appropriate torque and less binding
Installation personnel recommended by some screws is round cushion screw # 8 zinc and stainless steel # 8 pan head screws.

These products are available in any hardware department in any home center or in local hardware in a building goods store

It is recommended to install plastic or aluminum panel screws began in the middle of the panel
, pair the screws in the slot and work toward the two ends on both sides.The appropriate materials and screw head can be installed spacing by taking waste station and the level of a reduced or V
By sliding screw head while driving
And then removeEven lead to fasteners, the spacing between the head and vinyl will unify from one to another
Upon the completion of the it will give some breathing space
.Vinyl siding has a very wide range of styles and colours, when properly installed high quality wall, it can add lasting beauty and value to any family.
Vinyl insulation station can also greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling

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