aluminum panels Why is Greenhouse Shade Important and How to Choose the Best One

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
The growth of plants is more demanding than beginners think.However,This should not stop you from taking the risk at all.On the contrary,in fact -It makes experience more impactful and rewarding.Most people mistakenly believe that the plan to accommodate them in a greenhouse is something all gardeners have to do to achieve the plants needed-The result of growth.While it provides the best environment for safety and benefit,The greenhouse can't take care of your plants by itself.In addition to watering and fertilizing plants,You must also provide the appropriate shade of the greenhouse so that your garden is successful.Hot and sunny summer days are harmful to the plants planted in the greenhouse.Rising temperatures and strong sunlight can burn leaves,Flowers and fruits of plants.The humidity level inside the structure will also drop sharply due to widespread overheating.Few plants can thrive in such harsh conditions, and plants that usually grow in greenhouses are not one of them.Of course,The coverage of the greenhouse will protect the plants from the harmful effects of sufficient sunlight to a certain extent,But don't forget that its main purpose is to keep the heat.The solution to this problem is different-All you need to do is use a proper greenhouse shade that will provide the best conditions for growth.There are two main ways to provide greenhouse shade.The first is to use a color cloth covered.Knitted greenhouse shade cloth is made of various materials with different density and color.You should choose the garden that best suits you according to specific weather conditions, such as the intensity of the Sun and the temperature height of your area.You also have to take into account the special growth needs of plants in the greenhouse, because some people prefer sunlight and heat to others.The most popular cloth greenhouse shades are traditional black and white, as well as aluminum.Another way to provide the most suitable greenhouse shade is to replace the polycarbonate panel with a cover made of the same material that provides a specific shade.Depending on the type of frame and the type of panel,The replacement process should be relatively simple and quick.The only problem is that you may have to repeat it often if the weather is variable.
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