aluminum panels What's the new C6 Corvette have over the last C5 model?

by:Carlos     2019-04-11
"Corvette is not about traffic.The new Corvette decided to have the performance level of the current Z06 model.Chevrolet wants the base model to be as powerful as the z06 series's current 400 hp top.With this increasing horsepower,They want speed.The comfortable maximum speed is within 180 miles.The easiest way to achieve this is to reduce resistance.But there are some problems.The new rear tires are wider and there is an open BBQ in front.Will kill your resistance factor in wind tunnel testsAlso,The decision is so small with integrated headlights;They don't even use it in the design for the team.They must do something new.The function rear spoiler integrates a third brake light with a diffuser indicating that the air passes through the exhaust tips.The car shortens the chance of 5 "increasing resistance-Turbulence caused at the end of the car.But not everything is negative.The car is narrow and the ground clearance is low.The engineer not only extensively tested the design (Nearly 500 hours in the wind tunnel.,They tested several models out with the current reproduction.Weight also needs to be reduced for additional performance.Using more aluminum in the body structure is the biggest move to reduce weight.The car has the main frame supported by new aluminum parts to improve the collision performance.Also,The side impact beam is changed to aluminum instead of steel.The lock mechanism on the door is changed to electronic versionIts weight,But it is also new and innovative technology.I thought they just added new locks because they were really cool.Body panels are also changed to different types of materials.The Fender is made of different materials than the bumper, which is a different cover.Five different types of plastic composites were studied by GM.The main panel is made of polyester sheets-Formed compound reinforced with fiberglass.15% small new cover is 35% light,But 40% hard.The result of all this technical analysis is that they let the car lighter.shorter,but stiffer.Let me tell you about the glass.The rear glass is pre-curved,as you know.But the area behind the mirror is flat.This eliminates the distortion of hot and cold days.Side mirrors have also been redesigned to reduce wind noise.They look almost the same,But the team spent a long time in the wind tunnel just adjusting the side mirror.Another neat feature with glass is the roof panel.The removable roof panel is polycarbonate,Painted top or transparent thermoset.This is the same tool that makes panels,Just different materials.There's more to make corvette quick and fun.That part is the engine.I will explain in the next post some neat things the team has done on this new LS2 engine.
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