aluminum panels What is the Best Siding Material For You?

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
It is undeniable to play a key role in protection and increase the aesthetic value of the family.After many years of
, the choice of the wiring has expanded rapidly, all possible applications have been fully covered.
Station can make or break your home
Therefore, it is important to explore your choice and make a wise choice.The adornment of wall plate is not only a decoration, outer surface it attached on your family
It also has an important function to protect connector
Your house structure of insect pest
, Moistureand other meteorological elementsThis is done by overlapping each other, especially the layered plate seal joint or joint system by creating a connection
.This is generally made in horizontal or vertical random plate.
, tiles, or shingles
Some types have been painted while others are born and plain
. The wall panels can also be made of wood.And fiber cement
, vinyl, composite materials,
Or metal.(aluminum)In the early years
Cement and asbestos liners are commonly used in domestic exterior wall buildingsBut later replaced by the more effective and safer materials, such as vinyl
Fiber, aluminum and cement
.Vinyl wall is the most common and preferred material due to its great quality today
The durability of the material can be attributed to the thickness of extra width.
(o.040-0046 in.) greater than aluminum siding
And .

Depending on the typeIt can completely imitate the appearance and quality of a material of real wood
Seamless type to create a neat and clean and resisting penetration, because there is no any joint
.It is the preferred choice for most homeowners and contractors because it is light in weightEasy to install,
And long
-lastingThis kind of wall panel factory paint.
, spalling
, trembling and scratching.And .

It's easy to maintain.- just the hose, it is ready
- all types of the cheapest
($2- $3 per square foot
).Fiber-cement wallboard is a fairly new technology compared to wood, aluminum
, as well as vinyl siding material
Its composition is composed of cellulose fibre
, cementSand and steam treatment to improve its strength
. This wallboard will not rot or damage due to different weather conditions.The cost is higher than the ethylene
Because some only a few maintenance products can last 50 years
.Cardboard fibers
Cement exterior wall is today one of the best products

These have very high cement concentrations, this is the fire
And intrusion prevention
And .

No need to paint.-paint, because these have been delivered to your factory.-primed.Aluminum siding
Is also a good choice for your home renovation project.
There is a wide selection of colors and complete, is a fire or termite infestation, impervious
These materials are very long time
-the persistence and defects of the external surface can be easily corrected by grinding or repainting.The price is relatively low
, about $2

50 per square foot, these are actually maintenance
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