aluminum panels What Are the Phenolic Foam Advantages Over Traditional Insulation Materials?

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Many years of galvanized iron is used as insulation material for HVAC systemsHowever, foam such as phenolic foam is more effective
Such bubbles are two types of application - bubble.
-inBut also form and panel or board

The hvac system should be used when selecting this foam for residential or office buildings, know that it is different from conventional or traditional insulating materials has the advantage of good.
.The two types of foam has many superior to conventional insulation products
Here are some famous an advantage of using the traditional insulation materials
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Structural strength

The ratio of strength to density of this foam is very high, and its compressive strength is also very high.Board of this type of foam density of about 80 kilograms per cubic meter
(kg/m3) can be used for structural support, every square metre is 64 tons.
.2Thermal conductivity
Low coefficient of thermal conductivity of foam will be its closed cell structure and the existence of the gas
. Its thermal properties also allow the use of thin plates without sacrificing low conductivity

3Water seepage
The wet resistance of the bubble is also very high, can be attributed to three things
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Low water absorption.Aspect, it seems that only in the insulation

Water vapor has low persistence and is almost impossible to invadec. AndIt is not
-wickingWater intrusion
, the water easily confined to the entry point of the whole system and do not compromise
.4Chemical resistance

Phenolic foam is also inert and stablePhenolic foam is widely used in food ready to install, because it does not contain fiber
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High concentrations of acid-base solutions can cause discoloration and expansion of the insulating surface

5The high temperature resistant
They have low quality as the fire spread
. Aluminum surfaces usually increase fire resistance.It is also low smoke emissions
Low, no amount of poisonous gases, no drop in the pyrolysis of the insulation
.6High temperature range
This is in a large range of temperature
-1800c to 1200c.7And .

Environmentally friendlyPhenolic foam is CFC
) and chlorofluorocarbons
(HCFCs)) freeThese substances can react with oxygen in the air, the formation of gas
- consumption atmosphere ozone layer of the product, has increased the impact of greenhouse gases
.Phenolic foam foam
-inHigh insulation, and R
-R valu-48 per inch
Insulation -
, using air as foaming agent only.
. However, it has a major disadvantage is that it is usually not entertained in the plan of the insulation

Shrinkage up to 2% after curing.Please note that, if used improperly, there may be some adverse factors, it is always important.
The various advantages of using phenolic foam
However, he was still in details, such as the layout of the building
Of course, home location and budget climate

Needless to say, in order to maximize this advantage, is wise to ask for help professionals plan home insulation system
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