aluminum panels What are the Differences Between Window Treatments and Window Coverings?

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
All I want is a little clarity.I am the kind of person who is troubled by inaccurate language.Especially when it's in my own business.You see,This is the window blinds and shadows and terms written by my work,The treatment of the windows and the covering are all the time and rarely take into account their true meaning.I decided to do some research and get a clear answer,I will share it with the public.I don't want to create some kind of revolution just to give some light to a few pretty vague words.First,I went to Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary found nothing.There is no definition of any word.How could that be?These are fairly common terms.This confused me.I use an online tool at work to tell me how many times a day Internet searches the public use keywords.Word window processing is used about 2,600 per day, word window coverage is about 625 per day.And yet,There is no clear definition of these words.I feel a conspiracy-just kidding.My next resource is Wikipedia.Description and explanation of the online encyclopedia by people in daily life.I found the following entry:Window covering is a material used to cover windows to reduce sunlight,Additional waterproofing is provided,Or ensure privacy.The curtains are usually on the inside side of the window,But it can be external in some cases.Covering types include:drapes,curtains,window blinds,including:Venetian blinds,mini blinds,Blinds,Various types of boarding,Nail or screw to the window shell,Can be used as a temporary window overlay.Interior decoration,Window processing can refer to any of the following items placed above or around the window:Curtains or curtains,Including sheerswindow blinds,Venetian blinds includeda valance,Tibuk used to hold curtains.It may also include treatment that is directly applied to glass,including:Frosted glass (through acid,etching,sandblasting,Or plastic film or panel),Distorted optics,Like wave glass,Colored glass plates or decorations.In my opinion,Based on these two entries, there is no difference in their meaning.Both include blinds,drapes,Curtains and Venetian blinds (Old terms are now commonly referred to as mini blinds).Where they seem to leaveCurtains include blinds, at least according to these descriptions (Plantation blinds in this case)Window processing can include the processing of the glass itself.Both have basic meaning to decorate or cover the privacy and light of a window-control (Room Darkening)And emphasize the decoration of a room.So,Basically we have two words here that are not well defined and have almost the same meaning.So,I would like to make a personal ruling on this issue and say that window treatment should be any treatment:drapes,The interior of the blinds and Shadows (inside)Part of the window,And the curtains should be any treatment:shutters,Storm blinds,And part of the awning to the window.It seems more clear to me.It doesn't mean everyone is jumping on my definition all of a sudden,But I can hope.
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