aluminum panels What Are Frameless Glass Doors and Glass Curtains?

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Frameless glass door, glass curtain is the same productGlass curtain has been accepted in the European brand new products
. However, this product is now out of the balcony and terrace of the Spanish, English has become more and more popular now.
.This new product is the concept behind them will completely without frame

So, even when it's closed, you can see a surprisingly clear picture.They don't use the traditional way
Folding or French doors
Instead of door to glide in aluminum railway open one by one and they one by one the main stack
And .

This allows a nearly 100 % opening, which is the same as the BI attribute.-collapse but no framing.Now let's get down to the price
You might expect frameless glass door will have a high price tag, but that is not the case.
There are two forms of glass curtain
A glass and double glazing system
. A very popular single glazed glass is used as a glass partition.On the other hand,
Frameless patio door
The system will be implemented in April and will be available for external projects.A single glazed bi system will calculate the price is slightly lower than aluminum
-folding and double glazed systems will have a slightly higher price tag aluminum BI- folding door
.Climate protection of all of the important problems in creating the external system is crucial
This is how to do
Ok, double frameless glass door is weatherproof, in using compression lock on the side of the system, each piece of glass and tightly compressed together.

There is a clear plastic partition between the glass panels that makes the gap weather-resistant when the units are compressed togethe.So you are frameless glass door
, with completely retractable and completely unframed capabilities.Further information Sunseekerdoors co., LTD., has its own website, is committed to innovative products and frameless glass door glass curtain
.Sunseekerdoors co., LTD., is the only company producing frameless glass door in the UK
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