aluminum panels Was the 80's The Death of the American Petrolhead - Part 3 (Final)

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
I was looking through the brochure to see if I missed something interesting.Ford doesn't seem to have a lot of fun vehicles sadly.Then I met EXP.It looks like a strange combination of Mustang and RX-7.Obviously, the car is a "sport deed" that runs from 1982 to 1988.It shares wheelbase and power system with Ford EscortLonger EXPBelow and more pneumatic than it corresponds to five seats.In line with the first generation Escort,EXP is in a version from 1982 to 1985,Cosmetic surgery was performed during the 1985 model year.The model declined after 1988.Although,Do not intend to replace EXP (Because it was originally designed to be a 1989 Ford Mustang),The 1989 Ford probe will be the next front-wheel drive sports car sold by Ford.It is also called Mercury ln7.The Mercury LN7 is also a front wheel drive.It's almost like a front wheel drive Fiat X1/9.Wait,could it be?9 plus 3 is 12 minus 2 is 10.The front wheel drive is 2 Wheel Drive.There are three letters in "EXP.Four letters from Ford?10 minus 4 is 6.There are 8 letters in "Bentley ";They gave up EXP after 88 years.Bentley EXP 10 Super 6 won the Design Award in d'Este villa in May 26.The mainland has W12 engines.The 89 Mustang will initially be a redesigned EXP.There are 3 models of EXP that are standard,Luxury and Turbo.Mercury LN7 has 10 pieces in the GrillCompared with EXP 2.I thought so,Ford and Bentley were both confirmed by the Illuminati

But in all seriousness,It's a beautiful car from 1 to 120 hp.6-liter turbocharged engine with turbo sports car.It was (Like many cars in this list)very light.It weighs only 2,047 pounds.But like ChryslerThere's more to come

Manufacturer:So,We have the most obvious car here.(Vette outside),This must be here.Although I was nervous about what I said just nowIt's not because it's IROC-Z28.This is an interesting one.It's much heavier than a wild horse.Range from 3,086 to 3,362.Like a wild horse.It has a lot of engines.This is a list of engines.1982-1985:2.1982-1984:2.1985-1989:2.1990-1992:3.1982-1983:5.0 L LU5 Small-1982-1987:5.0 L LG4 Small-1983-1986:5.0 L L69 Small-1988-1992:5.0 L LO3 Small-1985-1992:5.0 L LB9 Small-1987-1992:5.7 L L98 Small-Like a wild horse.It also has quite a bit of transmission.4 or 5 speed manual or 3 to 4 speed automatic.Like a wild horse.You can get a variant of a convertible or sports car.But not closely.The new Camaro received positive comments on its styling and handling, but was also criticized for the low power rating of the Camaro z28.But this is not the vehicle that caught my attention.nope.This is a Chevrolet Citation.I know,I know!!!You don't like citations,This one is different.It's the X-11,One of the sports.Citation with performance enhancement X-11,Chevrolet wants to remind the car to buy the public this new front wheel drive is made by the same people as Corvette and Camaro.They even play in SCCA!"SCCA will be X-11 stocks in showroom Class B.In 1981,the X-11 won the SSB national championship and 1984 in 1982.Impressive right?You can get it automatically with 4 speed manual or 3 speed.You also have sports suspension.Goodyear p205./70R-White letter tire trim and rear spoiler with bounce edge.You can also get Pontiac 2.5-4 cyl Iron Duke or optional Chevrolet 2 -?bbl LE2 2.8-V6 engine, production 115 hp (86 kW).Later in its life,Citation X-11 was also upgraded for processing.This is the fourth generation Monte Carlo.SS weighing in 3,239.This is lighter than the heaviest Camaro.But not much.There are many engines.So much so I can't bother to list them XD.It's interesting in 1985.They revived T's choice--Top.I guess T--Is the top 80?It also has p205./70R-14 Goodyear Eagle GT Tires.For 1986,There are four different body styles available.The basic model sports car can still be the same as the general body panel, which has since 1981,But features new, "Aviation", a mirror similar to those in Camaro and Chevrolet Corvette 1980s.Sadly,The latter generation of Monte Carlo got worse and ended up being just a black zebra sports car in 2006.GMC sleeves although there is something

Manufacturer:The Syclone!That's right!Do you think I'm going to make this slide?Nope!This is a former competitor to Shelby Dakota.Both xukelong and Typhoon trucks are equipped with Mitsubishi's turbochargers and Garret intercooler.They are connected to a unique piston V6 engine,head gaskets,Intake manifold and exhaust manifold.All the clones and typhoons have 4-Automatic speed transmission.Bias with rear wheels (Also known as distribution.The two trucks are characterized by a movement modification to the standard suspension.The clone was the first to receive 4-wheel anti-Lock the brake system.The output is 280 horsepower and 350 rupees.The Syclone (when new)Able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds, can do a quarter mile run at 14.1 second, 93 miles per hour.This is a small hot pickup truck.When it was born after 80,It still has the spirit of 80 through its veins.Manufacturer:Ah the Fiero.Some would say it's a Ferrari for the poor ".Others would say this is "MR2 for the poor ".No matter what you think,This is a freak.The fierce man is considered a smalltwo-Seat sports car with all new suspension and V6 engines.While GM management and accountants are opposed to investing in the second two-The sports car may compete with Corvette,They argue that the oil crisis is a market opportunity for a fuel-efficient sport commuter car.To this end,Fierce is re-Designed to use the fuel efficiency version of GM 2.Five liters and four cylinders,Duke of iron, Engine 27 mpg-We're in the city, 40 miles a gallon-We have adopted the transmission option of economic ratio on the highway.Sadly,Fierce is not the fastest of all cars.But the owners are some of the most loyal you can meet.This makes it rough in diamonds.No,This is not a Trans-Am, "smoke filled and robber" generation.But it's still an interesting vehicle.If anything,It's actually cooler than its Camaro twins.The 3rd generation of Firebird consists of three models:Firebird,Firebird S/E,And Fire Bird Trans Am.The Firebird is the basic model equivalent to the Camaro sports car;Firebird S/E is a deluxe version;And Trans Am,High performance version.Though,This is a heavy vehicle compared to other vehicles in this article,Weighing in 3,170 pounds.This generation of Firebirds and camarbie have a slower legacy;They are not all bad either.Manufacturer:Yep,And Gremlin died two years before he was 80.It has its spirit.In the last year of 1978Gremlin received some changesBut customers with tighter budgets can still get the standard 6-cylinder basic model Gremlin for less than $3,400.At mid--season,The GT package becomes available with a front spoiler and a port expansion wheel of 1978 AMX.The GT adds an aluminum cover to the instrument panel which is made of 258 copper (4.2 L)I6 as the standard,And have their own stripe plan:A wide strip of tape,Outlined by a narrow,Run back from the front fender and widen the tail of the back quarter window.Although many people hate this carIt's actually quite good.It's a collection now.This is what Subaru did before Subaru!AMC is 17 years ahead

Let that sink

This is the original Subaru 22B.AMC Eagle is versatileDecent fast,Fun, cool.This gives me the impression that the road kill car in the factory.Now (thankfully)This is an understandable amount of engine.This is the list.150 cu in (2.5 L)151 cu in (2.5 L)258 cu in (4.2 L)219 cu in (3.6 L)You can choose between 4 speed or 5 speed manual.You can get a 3 speed automatic

But it's only for turbo diesel.For 1981,AMC has introduced Eagle SX/4 and Kammback;These are the spirit of the 4x4 version of AMC.The spirit itself is a revised AMC Gremlin window with a larger rear area.SX/4 is smaller than the Concord-based Eagle,Weighing in 3,033 lb -About 230 less-And get better mileage with auto.Griffith did a limited number of eagles and Concordes, "Sun dancers," talkingWith the fixed Targa band,removable T-Top and bottom top of drooping canvas.For 1982,The eagle can turn from a four-wheel drive to a rear-wheel drive with a "choice drive."This is a less complex system,But cheaper.The driver had to stop and change the car,But don't have to leave the car using the "fingertip control" lever.It retains the controlled slip difference and allows for a higher gas mileage in the rear wheel drive mode.Like any other car on this list.They racing with it.Gene and Gary Henderson ran an Eagle SX/4 (née Spirit)At the SCCA Pro rallySadly,Eagle behind (And a lot of Eagle SX/4),AMC was killed.Now,We're going to remember the 80-year-old.Something like Dodge Mirada.Aries K,Celebrity,Knights, wait.I'm not saying I don't like these cars.But these are cars that some people laugh at, and what they usually say is why 80 is terrible.Also,Two cars per manufacturer,Because it's hard to tell people that 80 is better than bad.No further delay,Let's get into it.Manufacturer:Ah, diplomat,With its fun diplomacy, it handles 80 elegant ways such as walking around the street in a suit with a top hat.Starting in model 1977Diplomats have become a complete line of models,Instead of being the name of a particular body style.This is a longer one,Fantasy market version of F-body Aspen.The chassis is the same as the mechanical parts,Doors and various other body panels are interchanged.It also has three engines.225 cu in (3.7 L)Slant 6 I6,318 cu in (5.2 L)LA V8 and 360 cu in (5.9 L)LA V8 and many transfers.4 -3 -3 -3 -Sadly,People only think of this as a grandpa's car.The Aries,Get more hate for a car, then it's really worth it.The addict replaced Plymouth Walla.©/Road Runner.Aries replaced Dodge Aspen.Although the appearance size is similar to the compact car,The dependent interior volume and six passenger seats give it a mid-sized designation from EPA.This is very good for a small car.The living spirit and Aries sold 150.000 units in 1981.Like a lot of 80-year-old DodgeIt is very light.It was only 2,300 pounds.By comparison,Lotus Evora weight 3,049 pounds

Do you need time?Do you need another comparison?NB Miata.2,348 pounds.Sinking in

Still sinking

And yet,Even so.People still laugh at the car.Manufacturer:Penter, known as the "most dangerous car in the world", is called the back end of the explosion.My grandmother even had this car.Does this make it a bad car?No,why?If this is the most dangerous car in the worldWe will include Ferrari 458 Italy (For similar reasons).We will include Pagani.I could go on.But you see.Like Chevrolet.This car is light in weight,015-2,270 lbs.It is also related to Mustang two.It's a shame that we didn't see these cars around Laguna Seca.Ford Crown Victoria Limited-In 1979,The name of Crown Victoria is by Ford (From the original 1955-56 range fairway sports carFor upper decoration packaging Ford Co., Ltd. replacement of Landao.The cars have a Targa band like chrome on the roof, usually paired with the Landau vinyl roof.And the chrome band is the only limited company, Crown Victoria,Vinyl roof is a common choice for Lincoln MercuryThe Grand Marquis of Mercury and the Lincoln Town Car.This car is in a sports car,Sedan,And the car body style of the station truck until 1987.This (Not like many vehicles)Only two engines and one transmission.Both engines are V8s and you can only get a 4 speed auto.Although these are still used,They are only used as commuters.Manufacturer:Celebrity Chevrolet,And I made a disclaimer earlier.I don't like this car.But instead of hating it,I want to give you some information.Chevrolet Celebrity is based on front wheel drive-Body platform shared with Buick Century,The Oldsmobile cutterhead Ciera and Pontiac 6000.GM had previously used the name "celebrity" as a body-style designation in the 1960 s pillow Oldsmobile sedan.This car is also a front wheel drive, mainly with a V6 engine and a 4.It even has a variant of the European Movement.No one gave the car a second lease.The Chevette,Far from the actual Vette.Don't be mistaken for a pet.Although there is nothing to worry about,Because it's not a Vette.(like that?I think it's good.)Chevrolet is a light car with a weight of only 2,035lbs.It has three engines.They are all four cylinders though.Chevrolet itself was originally only available as a 2 door hatch with 1.4 L OHV or 1.6 LOHC gasoline inline four engines.Engine production drives rear wheels from 53 to 60 hp.The four-speed manual transmission is standard and the three-speed automatic transmission is optional.With others, though.This is the theme of ridicule.Manufacturer:Buick!This is not an electric car.(Although you will forgive the idea, so given the name).What you see here is the sixth generation.The car has only three V6 engines and a 4 speed auto.Unlike many cars on this article,It's not light.It weighs between 3,300-3,600 pounds.Ouch!You can also get a sports car though.Long-running electronic names dropped from Buick's lineup at the end of 1990.From 1991"Park Avenue" becomes a unique model instead of trimming the designation as it was in the past.Still,Not a terrible car though.Buick Century,The car didn't stop for half a century.This car only has V6 S except for two I4.It's in a sports car,Car and car style.It has two 4-speed automatic transmissions and 3-speed automatic.This century has been revised by 1989.It changed the body a bit.It was given a more rounded roof line but there was nothing drastic about it.I think it would be very interesting to see this upgrade and then use it as a taxi.(Given the fact that many 80 cars have a plush ride).Manufacturer:Fifth Avenue,With the class of cars,Style and I don't like it."That car is such a grandfather car ".You have two engines too-A 5.2 L LA V8,It also has a 225 cu (3.7 L)I6.It also has two 3 speeds automatically.It will also make an interesting taxi or possibly Uber vehicle.Either way,The car has great potential.Fifth Avenue is far ahead of Dodge Diplomats and Plymouth angry brothers and sisters,Despite the higher price tag, the proportion of sales for private customers is much larger.The peak of production is 118,000 cars on 1986 and Fifth Avenue in a current K-Cars dominate as Chrysler's only concession to traditional American cars.Although it requires a trained M-eye to capture changes-Fifth Avenue of body,There are several running in it's six years.Yes,Chrysler did Electronics -?Class is not confused with the Mercedes version.While Chrysler's electronics-Class is a luxury car.When I was researched and discovered in Wikipedia, it said it had something to do with Dodge 600.You might want to know "is there anything interesting?Look at the E--Class.It looks like a more luxurious Lanser.Apparently,it's an E--body.And Lanser is an H--body.An interesting little fact, isn't it?Chrysler electronics--Class is a medium-sized car.An extended version of the Chrysler K platform launched in 1983,the E-Class is not too expensive,The underequipped version is similar to the 1983 New Yorker.It is aimed at the flagship New Yorker who wants Chrysler luxury at a more affordable price.For this reason,the E-Class is a cheaper, more basic version of New Yorker that replaces 1981 Newport before being Chrysler.The E-The class was originally called "big LeBaron ".However, Chrysler decided to name it "E-Class referencing the new E-platform.Ironically,It looks like Chrysler LeBaron GTS.(LeBaron is actually based on the warp

I think Chrysler does have LeBaron's name on the car.Either way,This will be forgotten.There is never the potential to actually use it.Manufacturer:Next is Mark VII of Lincoln continent.Long name, right?Nice car!However,It's not a light car weighing 3,748 pounds.Take this view,The weight of challenger V6 is less than 4,000 pounds.Anyway,There are two engines in this car-an A 4.9cc (302 cu in)Windsor V8 and 2.4cc (149 cu in)BMW M21 TD I6.(I think I6 is interesting

It also (No surprise)There are two 4 speeds automatically.Mainland mark seven,It was shortened to mark seven,It is the rear wheel drive luxury sports car produced by Lincoln.In the 1984 demonstration year launched in August 1983,Continental Mark 7 shared platform with Ford Thunderbird,Mercury PumaAnd continent Lincoln (Ford Fox platform uses the first program of the platform from the code name.Can I add that?Some of the vehicles in this list have passed more than 3 factories

Talk about wasting taxpayers' money.Other than that, though,We will never see a modified version made perfect cruiser.Our second in this brand is Lincoln Versailles, another long name, and a long car.Lincoln Palace of Versailles is a compact luxury car sold by Ford Motor Company Lincoln division.Replica of Mercury Monarch and Ford Granada,Lincoln Versailles was sold to 1977 from 1980.It is also very heavy

quite heavy,Weighing in 3,827-3,915 pounds.1970 s in the middle,Ford's Lincoln division tried to expand its model for several reasons.Offering Cadillac and Chrysler in comparison to four different luxury model linesEmpire included),Lincoln provided only two different model lines in 1975.After the 1973 oil crisis, sales of large luxury cars continued to rebound,Its impact has led to the rise of imported cars.Although it may not have done very well, then,It may have potential now.You may be wondering what my point is.I want to explain, stop the history of torture you

You see.80's cars (As I said in the distant beginning)Either hate or disgust.Most of the time,Not for good reasons, for example, "This is the wrong wheel drive" or "they are ugly boxes"Anything similar.And no one sees their potential.Look at Buick ETA.Cut off the back of the roof,Open the trunk and you have a mute.Think about it,Cobalt SS power Buick sound.Even a LS powered electronic line or Dodge Shadow racing car is not used for old racing cars.There are more opportunities for these cars than you think.Have you seen the new delivery van for Pizza Hut?It's a Chevrolet Spark with an oven in it.It could be a comfortable Lincoln Versailles with an oven in the back.There is no gangster-style Loff on the street.Just ride in style while offering pizza and more then sparks can handle.Or take the Chevrolet and turn it into a perfect practical vehicle for stunts.S. cars are not terrible.They are running wild with the imagination of a canvas.It doesn't take much to turn these forgotten beasts into amazing things.So please,Stop Hatred and use your imagination to make them whatever you want.A rally car,The taxi you called!
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