aluminum panels Volvo S60 Made Even Sportier According to Automaker

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
The Volvo brand came up with a missionVolvo S60: further perfect and improve
Although the car has entered the movement patterns
, as a car brand is still not satisfied, want to give this vehicle is further enhanced
.Support this.Jerry gini (Gerry Keaney)
Volvo's senior vice President of marketing
, salesAnd customer service
Explain(third person singular)"We made the S60 more athletic in every way.We are all aroused the people to design and fine
- adjust the chassis, creating a more attractive
."Volvo S60 will start cutting front spoiler, elaborate, that car looks more obvious
This will also become a prominent profile at the bottom of the car
. There will also be new silos and new rear lower bumpers.Each color with the body itself
S60 back cover can also specify a new sport wing spoilers
And .

There will also be a new grille, which is much larger and more prominent than the previous grille.Volvo sealing and badges will be more obvious, is designed to be a classic
.S60 skin Color selection has been upgraded. Now, added three new colors, including electric silver
Orinoco river blue
Maple red,
The same Numbers have been added to the new aluminum wheels.
.The outside is not the only thing that has been updated.Interior will make sport of metal decorative trim and its twin
-Tone leather interior.Engine room will receive a new grid aluminum metal decorative panels, are optional
These panels are actually designed to create more than threeD impression and tactile sensations
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