aluminum panels Vinyl Skirting Installation

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Vinyl skirting boards are easier to install than aluminum or woodIt will also retain their great look longer
Vinyl petticoat is a very sound investment.
.Vinyl skirting board is fairly easy
-it-your own project.If you have a variable speed drills
, a levelA hammer and caulking gun you are ready
.The first thing you need to do is mark line at the bottom of the track behind will go
And .

You can attach the torpedo level to 2x4 or use 4 'levels.

Draw a line on the concrete or soil on the horizontal plane opposite your houseThe front of the line should be directly under your home
You should do it everywhere in the home, make a mark at intervals of about five feet.
.At the bottom of the channel is the first component installation
Back to the bottom of the channel, will depend on the line
. Channels can be connected to the top of the dirt with spikes.(long nails
About every 5 ')
And .

When you work on concrete, you can fix the track with concrete anchors or liquid nails

The next step is to put the skirting board support to your family

Usually the 1 "hexagon head screw at about 2 'intervals is firmly secured.Back should be on your house a few inches high, and has remained flat.
A lot of times you can follow a line or other tags, this will give you a horizontal line
If there is no one you can use a diagonal line chalk line to create a level
.Is the next to install panel.

They will arrive at 12 'length and need to be reduced to sizeTin clipboard is the best way
And .

You need to measure the distance from the ground to an inch below the back lip

Supporters at the top of the cover will hide all of your cuts and you have a few inches handle so you don't have to be precise
Board will be interlocking
Well, each slid down from the previous one.Every five or six plate are of great help/very helpful to hold their home near the top of a screw
Supporters cover will hold all of the plate so the screw
.Insert back the back cover.
This part is easy

The hardest part is turning and changing other projection types.And .

You should have enough extra material to process, and small tests and errors using tin shears should be able to cut corners and corners correctly

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