aluminum panels Using Premade Glass Block Windows For Industrial, Factory and Commercial Projects

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Inefficient energy and maintenance costs for old windows could be a huge loss of profits in business,Industry is the same as factory buildings.Traditional solutions from storefront windows (It's easy to break)Blocking opening (This can reduce the productivity of employees and reduce the appearance from commercial buildings).With the progress of the prefabricated glass block window board system, factory or industrial buildings of any size can increase the containment attraction at the same time, while reducing the cost of heating and cooling.In this article, you will learn practical steps for installation of 7 successful commercial or factory glass block windows.Step 1 -Select where you want to use the block window and the main advantages you need-Glass blocks can be used as internal windows (Moving light through indoor space)Or an external opening (for basement,Bathroom and upper windows,transoms,stairwells,corridors,And watching.).Some of the main reasons for considering the window is to improve safety and light transmittance,Reduce energy and maintenance costs,And increase the marketable and containment appeal of the building.Step 2 -Identify any special performance requirements -?The glass blocks used in industrial factories and commercial projects have several professional production lines.With solid 3 "thick viruses for higher security apps,Add 60 and 90 minutes of fire rating select thick Series blocks,Look for interior and exterior windows for more decor considering color and etching blocks.In addition, there are high privacy patterns and frosted glass blocks that create more silent light transmission into the interior space.Step 3 -Consider ventilation requirements-Most people think that the use of block windows in factory and construction applications is solid glass,But the operable air vent can be used to increase air flow into the building space within the panel assembly.Air vents are available in combination with aluminum and vinyl hoppers and sliders for a safe need with the benefit of a fully operable window.It is common if safety is a focus on smaller air vents in 16 "x 8" and 24 "x 8" sizes.Step 4 -Measure the size of the opening and evaluate the structural elements around the window-When installing block windows at the masonry opening, measure the height from the top of the windowsill to the header plate and the width on both sides of the window opening (In most commercial projects, the existing metal,The aluminum or wood frame window will be deleted and a successful block window will be installed.Measure the area inside the existing window frame for the commercial wood frame opening.Look at the structural materials around the window frame.View the conditions and types of titles above the window.For most metal frame windows there will be a metal connection in a masonry building (i.e.The opening at the top of the steel plate is the weight of the masonry above the window.See if the linker is in good shape or if it is over rust or drooping.If you see a drooping head plate, it may need to be replaced before the glass block commercial window is installed.You can also view the conditions of the support angle or beam that may be attached to the window.Step 5 -Determine the size of the block panel and the supporting materials required on any structure-There is no additional structural material for most of the smaller openings (i.e.angles,I-beams etc.)It's usually needed.In these cases, you have to call a block panel manufacturing company after measurement to see how many glass masonry units will need to fill your opening (note -Blocks can be incremental in size and the final panel size can be changed by type (Mortar or silicone)And the size of the joint.Step 6 -Installation of commercial block components-Because each block weighs about 5-half a pound.The size of the panel will be determined by the ability of the transaction to close the processing unit to minimize the number of panels that need to be connected together.Who will be given another consideration (m)Assembly will be installed (How much weight can they handle comfortably?And the location of the window (How high the windowsill they have, how easy they get).For smaller openings, most window panels are set to be vertical and horizontal, and then deformed into places (Then mortar joints can be poured on site.Larger openings usually use the finished aluminum channel of the rolling mill at the top (heads)and jambs (sides)The ability to extend and shrink more for components.In projects with larger panels, the channel is first screwed into the opening and an expanded foam material is placed inside the Channel.The panel has vertical and horizontal at the opening,Anchor to the channel and get stuck in place.The vinyl stack panel assembly can then be grouting on site.Step 7 -If you are not sure to get technical assistance and/or seek professional glass block installation-If the process seems a bit challenging, you call an experienced block builder and installer or general contractor.Make sure their company has business window expertise to perform the correct installation for your project.Now that you are equipped with these 7 steps, you can order glass windows for a commercial or industrial plant.
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