aluminum panels Using Glass Block Church Windows to Save Money Vs Stained Glass

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Let's face a crumbling economic Church and never tighten the school budget,But the cost of heating and cooling the church,Recitation and school seem to be getting higher and higher every year.While old metal or wood frame windows may look like they can be broken from a distance, they tend to be vulnerable and require a lot of maintenance.To reduce costs and improve the appearance of your church or school, consider prefabricated glass block window panels that can be deformed into the structure of the building.In this article, you will learn about the 4 steps to successfully install a glass block church or a school window.Step 1 -Determine where you want to use the block window and the main advantages you need-Glass blocks can be used in the windows of the church or in recitation and school.Some blocks have been used using air vents in basement windows to improve safety while still allowing ventilation.Upper windows can provide increased privacy and improved energy rating in the school or bathroom.Old metal and wood windows.Stairwells,Side-sides and beams can also provide light and durability without the huge cost of maintaining windows in difficult places to reach.Step 2 -Determine if you want to use a colored glass block or if you have any face plates that require a thicker plate for safety-Not all windows need to be made of clear glass.In fact, you can add almost any block pattern or size of standard or custom colors or religious murals, uncompromising durability or long term performance of the product.A church in Detroit, Michigan recently added color blocks to increase the color and interest of the windows without worrying about long-term maintenance costs and damage.If you get the windows dirty, you know they look beautiful.But their cost of recovery and preservation is not cheap.A unique glass fusion process religious mural can be permanently embedded into the block's face.They can't scrap or peel off and can save significant energy costs.Old stained glass windows.If your building is in a high crime area, you may want to consider thicker pieces of glass (The thickness of the face can range from "to a complete 3", thick)Provides maximum levels of damage and bullet resistance.Step 3 -Consider the need for vents-Glass block air vents help combine the best of both worlds-A high safety window without sacrificing the need for air flow.Air and exhaust fans can be used in block window panels.The exhaust frame can be operated by vinyl or thermal efficiency aluminum Hopper and shell style.The exhaust fan is equipped with a motor to get rid of the moldy smell and improve the indoor air quality.If security is a problem, there are smaller vents in 16 "x 8" and 24 "x 8" sizes that can be combined to windows.Step 4 -Look at the opening and structure.The windows of most churches and schools are open in blocks and bricks.When installing a block window in the masonry hole, measure each side of the window hole from the top of the window sill.For the frame hole, measure the interior of the existing window frame.Evaluate the conditions at the top of the opening.Many metal frame windows in brick/block openings will have the weight of a metal plate above the masonry that is carried on the top.It may need to be replaced if the plate is drooping.Consider the conditions of the support angle or beam that the window may attach.Step 5 -Determine if any additional support is required on either side or top.There are prefabricated block panel parts.In most commercial window projects the usual mortar joints will be the first choice for safety and longevity.Step 6 -Installation panel-You'll want the panel part to be small enough so they can handle it (Each block weighs about 6 pounds).Think about how high the window is from the windowsill, the grade of the land around the window.Set the windows and make sure they are shot and level and then damage them in place (Then mortar joints can be poured on site.Larger openings often allow expansion and shrinkage on the top and both sides using aluminum channels.For these types of projects, spiral channels,Place the expansion foam inside the channel, then set and glue the panel into the channel.Step 7 -If you need help looking for a professional glass block panel generator or installer.With these 7 steps you are ready to order your glass block church or school window.
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