aluminum panels Upgrade Your Old House With Magnetic Insulated Windows

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
I have magnetically insulated Windows installed in my 50 year old houseThese are the time window in cheap power and low cost
My house is ventilated, and because of rising energy prices and the threat of "cap and trade", I realized that it's time to solve this problem.
.If you lose energy aluminium window and roof due to outdated wear your electricity costs
Hey, look at your choice.One is to replace the window, it can give you a comfortable home, can also reduce your energy costs.
If you want to keep your home for several years, it has a huge market value
, the choice is worth thinking about
And .

Changing Windows is often expensive and may not be cost-effective for you personally, especially if you think you're likely to sell and move within a few years

Another solution could be a magnetic insulating window systemThis is a adding a layer of optical window panels
- the existing level of pure acrylic window
This single pane window into double glass Windows add panel
This is not the same as the organic glass heat
-buy plastic sheets at your corner hardware storeDoes not contain or other monomer styrene will deteriorate cause yellowing
, cracking and check
.Each panel is equipped with an innovative PVC mold, which has a magnetic strip that is very similar to the magnetic strip on the refrigerator door.Casing in the window of the existing metal corner tape is attached to the embrace the tape will closely cooperate with air
.This kind of panel is combined with my single window, and it can be reached4 - value
Btu/hr / 5 feet square
(from 687. to 274.five). Less than
0.01 cm / straight foot crack spaceStorms, when the window with the doe standards of the two

My house is quieter because when magnetite is added to a single window, the STC rating increases from 18 to 28

192 sound decibels
, effectively reduce more than 70%
. Very effective 1, 000 Hz range
.According to your specific conditions of the existing Windows
In nearly five years, under the condition of magnetic window system can even reach the break-even point.
Even better than that
As there is no cold or hot place, your home will be more comfortableMuch quieter

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