aluminum panels Translucent Aluminum Recycling Trash Cans For San Francisco; Guaranteeing Compliance

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
I'm not sure if you've heard it but every resident in San Francisco City/County is forced to solve their rubbish and put all the recycled plastic itemsRecycling garbage, aluminum and cardboard for special container
If you do not, will be fined.
And they are becoming more and more
After each violation,To make matters worse
Garbage, the neighbor allows you to the police
.Well, you know how much I like San Francisco, and all the people, live there, of course
Their political beliefsOh, you know, I just can't say good enough that they all have. SoI have a super great plans
.They should be made of translucent aluminum trash can, trash the police can come over and make sure that no one should be recycled things into their regular garbage can.
If you think a translucent aluminium is not available
In Hamburg, told German scientist who invented it
!You asked them how they made translucent aluminum?? Well, they can take electronic aluminum atoms, turn them into the fourth state of material
So that they can't see or at least is translucent

Cool.In San Francisco, why not use the technology to help them with their little recycling program
?Now thenTo be honest, making translucent aluminum costs a lot of money, and the panels used to hold the trash can cost a lot of moneyBut I can afford to San Francisco
, they can use the money from expensive charge fees and fines, they cannot be recycled
.So they can make their money
Even so high
-Technical materials at an early stage will be quite expensive and sold at a high pricePlease consider it
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