aluminum panels Translucent Aluminum Aircraft Inspection Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-05
Airlines spend millions of dollars a year checking aircraft and making sure they are safeTheir expensive equipment, not only to prevent accidents and save lives
, but also because the rules of the federal aviation administration
(FARsNeed it)
.That means the mechanic has to pull the board on the fuselage., as well as the wings of the aircraft
In fact, in the plane
And check the rupture
, wire problemsAnd corrosion.But if the plane plate is translucent
Translucent, with aluminum
?This will ensure that solve many problems
, save a lot of time
Therefore,Save a lot of money
. Well, that's it, and some scientists have created the translucent aluminum in Hamburg, Germany
, by using microLaser discharge electronic aluminum atoms

Scientists claim that this creates something similar to the fourth physical state., it makes the aluminum inseparable.
Or, at least, is translucent
.The influence of the aerospace and aviation industry is startling
.For years, the U.S. air force has been talking about making stealth aircraft
Well, if our stealth drones can be invisible in combat, that would be great.It can also help the shuttle
, with translucent aluminum rocketsIn advance, can help us to see any problem
, so
, disaster preventionIt is about safety with NASA
.StillIt can also help the company's plane
Because it can provide better visibility for pilots.
Translucent panel under the feet and the cockpit may increase visibility about 10 times

This will prevent dangerous runways from invading., and the collision in the air. IndeedTranslucent aluminum can change the way airline operations
Forever and aerospace industries
Please consider it
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