aluminum panels Track And Field Equipment

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
In addition to the participation of athletesTrack and field activities also involve mechanical aspects of equipment.You'll see the equipment from the inspector's flag to something as complex as a race driver's starter gun.In all kinds of track and field activities,You're wearing a competitor's number to identify you.In each run event,You start in a filling metal or plastic plate called the starting block.To commemorate the start of your game.Starter pistol is the beginning of the game.You may notice that there are different types of starter pistol depending on usage.There are practice guns that don't fire field ammunition,There are professional starter guns, manufactured according to firearms standards.In addition to the number of competitors,You will also see different numbers scattered in fields, marked distances and number of lanes.Across the Oval,You will see the indicator with the number indicating the number of circles.The other devices you see on the track are a barrier.Like a starter pistol.There are also different barriers for different levels.Adjustable hurdles,junior-Standard hurdles for hurdles and National High School Federation.Equipment is also needed for throwing events.If you're in a disco gameYou will notice that the discus is made of different materials.There are metal edges made of wood.And those made of rubber.Different levels of competition have different weights.The level of those women is set at 1 kg,High school level is set at 1.The level of 616 and collegial system is set at 2.For shooting events,The lens is made of iron,Polyethylene plastic,Brass or steel,Set at 4 kilograms,12 pounds and 16 pounds,Depends on the level of competition.The spear is prompted by aluminum alloy rubber, set at 600 grams of female and 800 grams of male competitors.For these events,Tape made of fiberglass measures your throw to get accurate results.
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