aluminum panels Toyota Prius Third Generation

by:Carlos     2019-04-11
When you have money and love for the latest technology,The third generation of Toyota Prius should be considered a car that will be purchased.Section,The authorized car will be launched in-2010 this includes many of the latest advanced technologies,Not just saving!The press conference was held at the Detroit auto show,Officially named North American International Auto Show or nines (Held every January at the COBO Center in DetroitMichigan),The United States and the international community attract public interest.1000 Patents.Because of this technology, Prius and the new equipment,No wonder the price is expensive.For information,Toyota uses no less than 1000 patents to improve its performance and is in line with the current wishes of consumers.Also added,All these patentsToyota Prius is very proud and takes it as a "benchmark" for the future, the car.These are understandable, because at this time,Prius has owned 1 million people around the world for 10 years.Since its first launch in 1997.In fact,Since the launch of the second generation in 2004,The number of Prius sales in the United States reached 670,000 units.Eco-plastic.Environment is the focus of Toyota Prius recently.Not only emissions are friendly to the environment,And materials.Plastic is now used by plants (not oil)Called plastic.With this,In addition to easy recycling,of course,Do not destroy the environment.Atkinson cycle.As a source of gold,Toyota four-Cylinder engine use 1.8 liters of work with Atkinson cycle,Have a bigger goal to get low laps in Torcy.The goal begins,The economy of fuel consumption.Engine power is not the first choice.Therefore,Not strange,Workers only produce 98 PS engines.Work hard to create a Toyota Prius engine to work more effectively with power mechanical components.Therefore,Radiator pump,Powered by electricity, no longer relies on direct energy from the engine.Radiator fan for belt system operation,AC compressor,Alternator,The electric motor was replaced.It is developed that the inverters of other sizes and weights are lighter and smaller.Frequency converter is a tool to change DC current (DC)Return and (AC).The inverter,Electric Motor,transaxle,And also reduce the weight to 20%.In addition,Ability of working regenerative braking system (Best Energy recoveryControl electronic logic.Mode 3.This new Prius offers three alternative mode drivers.EV-Mode Drive,A racing car uses energy from the battery only at a low speed distance of about 1.6 km / hour (Depending on battery conditions).There is also a power mode,Power the gas pedal plate that makes the car faster and more responsive.Finally, the ecological model,Car racing and fuel consumption are economical.Solar Energy.The new Prius is equipped with glass on the roof of the moon, which can be combined with solar panels.The solar panels produced by electric energy are used to set up the ventilation air of the car,Parking included.Another way to save energy Toyota is to use the front of the LED lights,rear lights,and brake.The weight of the car is also lighter.This is probably because of the hood.back door,The front shaft and hanging calipers are made of aluminum.Result,Acceleration 0-96 km/hour is 9.8 seconds,And for tooth movement,Use the Toyota shift line system.The extra sensor touches the handlebar of the switch, designed to reduce the driver's eye movement.With this,Concentration levels are expected to drive higher roads.Safety equipment.The new Prius is equipped with a security system because the top will be sold globally.For a security constraint system or SRS (air bag),Not only the passengers installed in the driver and in front.All doors are also models of balloon curtains so that drivers and passengers are safe when they are hit by a part on the side.Even the driver and the front passengerNot added to the balloon.In addition to standards,Additional security options are also available,Dynamic radar cruise control (Using millimeter wave radar,Lane Keeping Assistant (Help drivers stay safe on track,Pre-Collision System (The work speed of the seat belt is faster, in the case of braking, avoid collision.Assist on behalf of the driver, it is easy to park in a limited area.Connecting another is safe,Security services,among others,Will notice the collisionDetermine the location of the vehicle when it was stolenAnd SOS call button.The secure connection is available a few months after it is started.More complicated though,Unfortunately, the battery,Toyota still relies on Nimh.The price cannot be estimated.Toyota's new car price will determine this before it launches next year.Who knows if there is a price correction material price drop!
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