aluminum panels The Two Sides of Solar

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
Knee-Jerk reactions are always around and can be found in many different settings:On a massive political level, in our daily lives, they are used as a strategy of intimidation and as a means of propaganda,Cruise the Internet.One thing seems to be stirring a pot of fingers-The pointer is the report,Toward a fair and sustainable solar industry,It was released this month by the Silicon Valley poison alliance.In it,SVTC urges solar panel manufacturing and disposal companies to adapt to sustainable practices in situations where we are facing another environmental insecurity, such as the current electronic industry facing millions of tons of garbage burial,Unclaimed and unclean.And while we all agree that we can't get anything-Especially when it comes to energy-Some of us get the facts before pulling the plug faster than others.A large amount of fossil fuel is used in the production of solar cells,Waste such as mercury and chromium, which are not ultimately used for solar panel production, has provided a predictable treatment problem.At present, the average life of solar panels is 25 years,At the end of the lives of these group members, there was also a threat of a lot of waste.The installation of solar panels requires toxic materials such as PVC and glue for wiring systems,This also constitutes a real problem that is harmful to both the environment and human beings.The disposal problem has already appeared in Asia and other regions,The standards there are lax compared to those in North America.Although many people want to draw it like this,The SVTC report is not a damn report.In fact,Obviously, the environmental benefits of using solar energy are far greater than the negative effects,Solar energy is still in its infancy as an emerging industry.This report is an eye-Opening remarks to the solar industry to assess its practices and their environmental impact before it is too late,It also urges consideration of responsible waste disposal and environmental-friendly manufacturing processes.Some solar companies have even started investing in recycling projects so people can return to their old solar panels,and the,First Solar Company,A plan has been developed to take back all solar panels from their commercial customers once the panels have expired.The report also shows that solar manufacturers encourage high-quality work within the industry to protect the health and safety of workers and provide livable wages worldwide.In the end,The amount of energy used to produce solar cells and panels greatly exceeds the amount of energy they produce,And the time it takes to repay the energy used is very short.Solar panels are actually very recyclable,Its two main components are tempered glass and aluminum,Two heights seek-After the material.Even if silicon is reusable.As well,In the early days of the solar games, potential problems are being recognized,That means there's still time to turn unsafe practices into health.Green and long-lasting ones.
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