aluminum panels The Solar Pool Heater - Heat Your Pool With the Sun

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
Compared with gas and heat pump pool heaters,Installing a solar pool heater is now the most practical way to keep your pool water at the right temperature all year round.Considering that your pool enjoys 4 to 5 sun hours a day,A solar cell heating system is very feasible.Depending on the location of your homeGood solar energy-Operating the pool heating system allows you to extend the swimming season for up to 12 months.Although installation costs a lot of money,It definitely has operating costs.It does not use fuel, which means there is no pollution.Another great thing about solar cell heaters for us, it can last for 20 years,With a 10-Annual manufacturer warranty,With minimal maintenance requirements.Although there are solar heater equipment, you can buy hundreds of dollars,The total cost of installing a complete solar cell heater system, the average pool size can cost $3,000.Despite the high cost of installation,It saves a lot of operation and maintenance costs.In order to understand the savings generated by this type of water heater,You must first understand how the system works.All solar cell heater systems and solar collectors,filter,Pump and flow control valve.It runs under a simple mechanism.First,The water is drawn from the pool to the solar collector, where the water is heated by the sun.Warm water is then pumped back to the pool for your enjoyment.Solar collectors are devices that use solar energy to transport and heat water in pools,The filter captures the debris carried by the water through the pump,The pump provides power to drive water from the pool,Into collectors,Then back to the pool.The flow control valve is an automatic or manual device that adjusts and transfers the flow of water from the pool to the solar collector.Solar cell heaters and two types of solar collectors;Unglazed and glazed pool heating collector.The glass-free solar cell heating collector is cheaper than the glass collector because it does not use glass coverage.Instead,it used heavy-Duty cycle rubber and plastic protector for UV treatment (UV)protection.In a cold climate, it plays a huge role in the indoor swimming pool.On the other hand,The glass solar pool water heating collector is made of copper pipes in aluminum plates and iron-Covered with tempered glass,This is a bit of an increase in its cost.In the cold weather,It captures the sun's heat more effectively than the unglazed collector.Therefore,It's more effective when it comes to a year-Round swimming pool heating operation, can work under any climatic conditions.Usually,The service life of these collectors will depend on the climate and how cumbersome it is for solar heating applications.Both unglazed and unglazed collectors have frozen protection, which is useful during very cold periods.Although the solar pool heating system is very ideal for all types of swimming pools,Some factors must be considered before deciding to install one in your own pool,Because a system costs a lot of money.The actual cost of the system,installation,The payback period will depend on many factors.With that,Try to evaluate the solar resources of the pool site.The solar heater is usually energy efficient and low maintenance, but it will not do without enough sunlight.Also,It is appropriate to have its actual size measurement to buy a heating system.Determine the efficiency of the solar cell heater you intend to purchase.Then compare the system cost of the heater system you intend to purchase and consult a trained solar technician for advice and other information.After doing your homework, you should end up with the most effective solar cell heaters and save a lot of long term in your way.
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