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The McDonnell-Douglas MD-11,Intends to inherit its early DC-10 and third widebody three-DC rear injection-10 itself and Lockheed L-1011 TriStar,Traces its origins to the competition between General Electric and Pratt and Whitney engines for the Lockheed C-Military transport of Galaxy 5A,Leading to the first high bypass than the vortex fan,while the DC-10,The result of 1966 requirements for American Airlines is 250-Continental passenger plane running passanger t.Has been built in five basic versions,Including DC-10-10,the DC-10-15,the DC-10-30,the DC-10-40,and the KC-10 Extender,Achieve final production operation 446.The cost overruns on and off caused Douglas to merge with McDonald's,So far, a military aircraft manufacturer,To ensure the survival of the company and its aircraft.Douglas designed and studied narrow and widebody successors,Powered by a high bypass than a turbine fan to accommodate 150 passengers,Has started to the latest-1970s.Although there is no clear plan for the plane,in the event,been launched,Detailed market analysis,With the new technology research,Later proved to be valuable for the final design.60 orders for KC-10 to enable Douglas to maintain basic DC-If it only relies on commercial orders, the production line will be 10 longer than it was,Thus delaying the need for replacement.Yet,Because it will be based on its early days-Acting counterpart,It can be done faster through its definition and design phase than later,Competitive Airbus-340 and Boeing 777Entering the market earlier than these aircraft and tapping into the existing DC-10 customer base for potential sales.Not like that plane.however--The five basic versions have the same body length and crossover-section--40 successors are expected in 1979Stretch of the foot body can accommodate 340 mixing-Passengers,Electric CF6 for tee-50 J turbine fan production 54,000 pounds of each thrust,Strengthen the wings,and a 630,000-Heavy pounds.The resulting DC-10-60,Early parallel,stretched,long-range DC-8-60 series,Provided a 75-More passengers than DC-Air New Zealand and Swissair of 10 s have become potential launch customers,However, the use of existing Wings seriously erodes performance,and five-Foot expansion,Add a new wing fillet and active aileron to reduce gust load,Greatly improved it.Indeed,Correction of posterior margin flap and larger tail cone resulted in 24-Percentage reduction in fuel than DC-10 and its seats-Miles cost less than those four-Install Boeing 747.Program start,For 1979,Has been replaced by Douglas's further definition of its versionwhich,Specify "DC-10-61," "DC-10-62," and "DC-10-63,"Even more closely reflects DC-8-61,DC-8-62,and DC-8-Named 63.The DC-10-61,for instance,Was intended as a domestic variant with 40-Foot Body extension and 390-Passenger traffic,And has been powered by 60,000 thrust-pound engines.The DC-10-62,With the decrease,26.7-Insert the foot body,It's been a long time-Scope operation,with a 14-Increased foot wingspan,The active wing,and a four-Main landing gear unit of wheel center line.Its purpose is to carry about 40 fewer passengers-61,while the -63 combining the design features of the two,Lead to high-capacity,long-range variant.A series of intermittent DC-10 accidents,None of them were traced to inherent design defects.With the current recession,Further Super DC has been ruled out-Development at this time,Although one of its features,Eventually included in his successor,Flying-Test Continental Airlines DC-10-1981 of August.Winglets,Extending above and below the tip of the wing,And different sizes,Led to three-The percentage of fuel reduction, because the resistance generated is equal.So only by MD-80 sales,Douglas has experienced a recession.Projected DC-10 replacement,bearing an MD-11X-Designated in 1984 and providing considerable progress over the original Super 60 series,The closest base is DC-10-30 with a 580,000-Maximum takeoff weight of pounds,a 6,500-There is a full payload within the nautical mile,And three General Electric CF6-80 C2 or Pratt and Whitney PW4000 engines.A higher-Capacity version,Parallel to the basic body,There is a 22.3-Stretching the foot body,To allow 331 mixing-Class passengers will carry more than 6,000-Miles, and 590,000-Heavy pounds.American,Delta,Lufthansa,And Toa Domestic AirlinesConsidering this iterationImprovements were suggested and later incorporated into the final aircraft.To the next year,Request for orders authorized by the board of directors,Although these two versions,by this time,With the same body length,the medium-range variant,at a 500,000-Total pounds,offering a 4,781-mile range,and the long-Corresponding scope,at a 590,000-Total pounds,offering a 6,900-mile range.Accommodating about 335 passengers in a typical mix arrangement,They introduced the composite structure.a two-The cockpit,And advanced electronic flight systems.When the official plan was launched,In December 30,1986,92 orders and options are placed by Alitalia,Gary East, England,FedEx,Korean Air,SAS,Swissair,Thai International Airlinesand Varig.The MD-11,In September, about three years later, it was first launched in Long Beach in 1989,California,N111MD has been registeredWithout its engine,winglets,Vertical stabilizer,And paint plans,But the 29 customers showing the logo have ordered or selected the type by this time.As these surfaces are subsequently added,however,It has a close DC-10-It is derived from it.With 18.6-Down the plane.Realized by two body plugs,It retains the nose and cockpit.But an extension was introduced,drag-reducing,chisel-Tail cone,And offer 201.4-The total length of the foot, when equipped with a General Electric engine,or a 200.11-Overall foot length with Pratt and Whitney power plant.The two-Spa Douglas airspeedRibs and skin and lateral reinforcement ribs were established,Features 169.6-foot span,a 35-In the quarterly chord degree sweep,Six Degrees, two sides,rendering a 7.9 aspect ratio and 3,648-square-foot area.Low-The speed increase has added new,full-Across leading edge slats and redesign,double-Slotted posterior flap,The roller control is provided by the inboard,all-The speed wing is made of metal and composite skin,and outboard,low-The speed aileron drooping with the posterior margin flap is completely composed of composite materials during takeoff.Each wing also contains five spoiler.Fuel,Carry the whole tank on the wing,totaled 40,183 gallons.Up-and downward-Extended wing,Mounted on the tip of the wing,The biggest difference for DC-10.Using resistance-Vortex is generated, otherwise mixed by the differential pressure of the wingtip,They're made up of seven people-foot,upward-Angle cross section made of traditional ribs and spar,However, the aluminum alloy skin is covered by the carbon fiber rear edge,and a 2.5-foot,downward-Angle cross section made entirely of carbon fiber,Group includes a 40-square-foot area.Because the moment of increase-Arm and computer-Control longitudinal stability enhancement softwarethe MD-The horizontal tail of 11 is 30% smaller than DC-10 and features 2,000 US gallon points trim tank increase range and boost -?flight center-of-Gravity optimization.Its advanced,Curved wing,and reduced,33-Degree sweep back,Plus, I was elected to Rome. c ha and my name is y-The activated variable incidence tail is equipped with two-section,slotted,Composite rear edge elevator on both sides,Caused 1,900-Weight reduction and reduction of pound structure-flight drag.Power is provided by three 62,000 thrust-Pound General Electric CF6-80C2 or 60,000 thrust-Pound Pratt and Whitney PW4462 high bypass fan,Two of them are Towers-Attached to the underside of the leading edge of the wing, one of which is installed at the vertical tail of the fin twist box.Trace its origin to 41.000 thrust-The pound TF39 engine was originally Lockheed C-5A galaxy,The former evolved into quiet,More advanced CF-6 for business operations,and its 40,000 thrust-pound CF6-6D power supply for domestic DC-10-10,while its 48,000 thrust-pound CF6-50C power supply for interstate DC-10-30,With Airbus-300 and some versions of the Boeing 747.More advanced CF6-80A was also selected as-310 and 767.Merge CF-6's core,with a larger,93-inch,two-shaft fan,the CF6-80 C2 power supply for MD-11 provided 17-The percentage is more thrust and there is a bypass than 5.05.Linked to a fully authoritative digital engine control system,It provides the interface of electronic automatic throttle and flight management system,The turbine fan provides a reduction in fuel combustion.Alternative Pratt and Whitney PW4060The reduced length also reduces the total length of the aircraft by 5 inch,Is the only other customer choice.Rolls Royce RB.211-524L Trent,Briefly listed as the third option,Has been designated by European airlines as its 18 companies and selected orders,But the financial collapse of its parent company prevented its continued issuance.Hydraulic-actuated,Under a tricycle,Like DC-10-30,It's made up of twins-wheeled,forward-Retract the nose unit;two quad-wheeled,Lateral traction; main gear; bogies;and a twin-wheeled,forward-retracting,Center line support,All of this has Olympic-Pneumatic shock absorber.The MD-11 cockpit,Significant deviation from DC-10's,It was operated by two people-person crew,the third,Or Flight EngineerPositions replaced by digital avionics and computer flight control and management systems,And aircraft system control,or ASU,Composed of five independent people.dual-Guide the computer to automate all his previous functions.Cabin,Designed for flexibility,Combined seats,galley,lavatory,And cloakroom mounted in cabin length-Who's running the track -?Inch increments promote multiple configurations and density and rapid rearrangements,Therefore, operators are allowed to operate on scheduled flights during the week and highDensity/charter service on weekends.Compared to DC-10 cabin,the MD-11 special lights-Weight side panels and seat assemblies;Improve lighting;larger,Redesigned overhead storage compartments, per -?Passenger traffic is three square feet;Standard center line box at the tail of the second door;And provide rest beds for overhead crew.A typical two-class,323-There are 34 passengers, 6-First class seats in 41-to 42-Inch spacing and 289 9-The last economy class seat is 33-to 34-inch pitch,while a three-Class arrangements include 16-6-In a first class seat of 60-inch pitch,56 seven-In a 38 business class seat-inch pitch,and 221 nine-The last economy class seat is 32-inch pitch.Maximum capacity,in a ten-abreast,three-four-Three configurations,had been 409.The MD-11,with a 114,100-pound weight-Limited payload,had a 602,500-Maximum takeoff weight of pounds.298 three-Passengers,It provides a 6,840-Miles of sailing,including FAA-Reserves required.First in the sky of January 10,1990 from Long Beachthe MD-Conducted stability and control tests on Edwards Air Base,Up to 25,000 feet and 300-End with a highly successful two-hour,56-Girl flight in minutes.300 types of orders and options that have been received so far.Certification Program,Including four General Electric CF6-80C2 and a Pratt and Whitney PW4460 power body,A few businesses have been closed-jet records,including a 9,080-A mile flight from AnchorageAlaska,on July 31,1990,The fourth prototype,It's been 16 hours.35 minutes.The type authentication was obtained on November 8. CF6-80C2-The version that powered the PW4460 aircraft and December 19,Although the ib landing was approved in April.Finnair,Type of startup customer,The first plane has been delivered.registered OH-LGA,Ceremony held in Long Beach on November 291990,Two years later, a representative continental sector with the aircraft,In 1992 of October.Founded in November 1,1923 by Bruno L.Lucander,Private carrier,Then specify "air O/Y""The inauguration ceremony after entering RevalEstonia,With junker F.13 aircraft,Before expanding to the cityStanding in the middle of Turkic,Working with ABA in Sweden.Development of domestic routes in Finland,Because this country is all over the world,There must be floating aircraft equipment,although post-The construction of the 1936 airport enables it to obtain two dual aircraft of the dhavelan Raptors,later,Two juks.52/3ms.Shortly after World War II-The prescribed flight suspension has been canceled,The airline that just startednow 70-Government owned and renamed "air O/Y complete air line"Helsinki was re-established-9 DC in the region and the acquisition-3s.The 1950s,Characterized by the expansion and modernization of the continental route system,340 acquisition of aircraft,Take it to duseldorf.Hamburg,London,From the ever-expanding Helsinki flight hub,And the type has replaced slightly higher-The capacity is 440.The MD-11,Powered by General Electric CF6-80C2D1F engine, equipped with 58 business class and 278 economy class passengers,It has been ordered to replace its DC-10-30s,And first deployed in Helsinki-Tenerife's route was on December 29,1990,In order to accumulate the initial operational experience and then be transferred to the North America and Far East, it has been intended.Its two MD-11 s has operated Helsinki-Tokyo and Helsinki-Bangkok-Singapore route,while its DC-10-More than 30 countries continue to serve the New York and Beijing departments.The first,to Japan,had spanned 4,862 miles and 9-hour,35-Minutes blocking time,And has been operated by the first MD-11 into passengers-Carrying service,OH-LGA.The tall,Dense trees around Helsinki Watana International AirportAlso in a yellow and golden autumn coatSeems to spread to bite,30-The geometric pattern of the wind rotating the snow towards the ramp,taxiways,and runways.The goliath,blue-Trim Finnair MD-11 tri-jet,The only wire body on the current white-DC with countless narrow bodies-9,MD-80,and 737-300 twinjets,Dragged to Gate-4 minutes before booking.1620 late departure time-afternoon,Nordic Light weakened.The MD-11's two-The cockpit,A radical deviation from DC-10's,Six or eight-square-Inch cathode ray tube (CRT)Glass display unit,Displayed by repeated major flights (PFD),Navigation Display (ND),Engine and alarm display (EAD),And System Display (SD)schematics,The automatic system controller,On the overhead panel,It is subdivided into hydraulic parts,electrical,pneumatics,and fuel,Each is controlled by two separate computers.Flight control panel (FCP)itself,On the Glareshield control panel (GCP),Characteristic control of autopilot and flight director mode selection,And the change control of flight management system mode,Including speed (SPD),navigation (NAV),and profile (PROF).The pending,trans-Starting point and destination point of Flight in Siberiaweights,moments,flight plan,Runway (04),And take off performance calculation,Get from the station-Ready to load the table,Entered the keyboard-Similar to the multi-function control display unit (MCDU)Located on the center base between the two pilots.Standard instruments for flight (SID)Subsequently loaded into the flight management system during the initialization of the inertial reference system.Engine three,The first to start and farthest from the source of bleeding air,Start the switch by pulling the engine,Its starting valve enters the opening position,Verified by Amber confirmation indicator.When the speed of N2 compressor reaches 15%,The start lever has been moved to the "On" position and the engine start switchReflect the exhaust temperature (EGT)of between 45-and 52-percent,had popped in,The start-up valve is now closed and amber-colored light extinction.The N1 tachometer of the engine is 23-The percentage and its exhaust temperature hover at 700 F.Then the sequence of these two fans is repeated.The second is the completion of the "list after the start.Tug-Manipulating from its nose-Parking location,the MD-11,Running as a flight AY 914,It has already started its autonomous movement, pushing the throttle almost unconsciously,Test its flight surface and follow the directions of the Vantaa ground control taxi.Navigation snow-patched,blue light-In the virtual darkness,Logging three-The jet did 180-The degree opens the runway 04 with its nose wheel steering and tillers aid,The nose wheel itself is positioned so far behind the cockpit, and the plane is far beyond the center line of the strip before it actually starts turning to it,its elongated,The wide fuselage follows it in trailing mode.The full rudder deflection provides ten degrees of steering on the ground,The lateral ability of the nasal wheel reaches about 70%.Receiving takeoff clearance,the MD-11,25 degree Posterior margin flap,As its throttle, Thunder enters the initial acceleration,Advanced to 70-manual-Percentage location,Nourish it's huge-The diameter of the General Electric turbine fan and the stable fuel flow,They swallowed a lot of cold air,The fan rotates faster and faster.Autopilot buttonLocated on the flight control panel and attracting the automatic throttling itself,computer-Control the aircraft to enter its proper takeoff thrust setting,Add automatic engine sync.Elevator-Lever into a corner-Out of rotation,the tri-Jets surrender to purplesnowflake-blurring dusk,Its heavy fuel load applies wingtips-The curved load and its wing leading edge beam are sliced through obscurity as it climbs onto the runway 15 and the ground light splotches represents Helsinki.Take back its tricycle landing gearthe aircraft,Their pitch lever shows its correct climbing attitude,The departure route of its standard instrument has been automatically observed.A shallow right-bank arc on the coast,Flight 914 recovered its posterior flap,While its cutting edge slats have been built up to an extra speed.Use navigation mode to enable the aircraft to fly its departure profile,When the automatic optical system is activatedAdd the "navigation" and the "professor" buttonMake sure it follows its route,climb,Out-of-station radial,And air traffic control-Specify or level-off altitude.The airspeed is maintained at 10 below 250 knots,000 feet,At that time it was allowed to accelerate to 355 or more,Its leading-edge light is recovered.Beyond one of many cloud decks,The plane crossed the Gulf of Finland.Its dark purple surface has been separated from the horizon by a diffuse band of chartreuse light.More and more wrapped in the roaring slippery stream,It crossed the coast of the former Soviet Union at a speed of 472-Ground speed,Flight southwest of St.In the black sky, Peterborough was thinThe glowing orange line is on its western horizon,Now behind the tip of its leftWhen it enters the beginning of it,33,000-Foot plateau at 509-Ground speed,Destined for the Urals and Siberia.Cabin,Sports diagonal-patterned,Light and dark blue interior,There are six rows and seven-abreast,two-three-two,The business class seats configured in the forwarding section,Followed by the other three stern of the second aisle.Economy class seats,Totally in 10-abreast,three-four-three,arrangement,There are nine lines behind the business class,21 in the stern cabin.Runs between the third and fourth Cross channels.Dinner in the latter,According to its bilingual English and Japanese menu (which,In 1992 of October,The irony is that-A dc flight profile of Finnair-10-30s),Including a set of,wine,Light salt peanuts and smoked almonds with non-alcoholic beverages;Add shrimp crab meat and mushroom seafood salad on the lettuce bedSliced cucumber,And cherry tomatoes;A basket of hot white rolls and wheat rolls with Finnish butter;Mango beef or chicken curry -?Coconut sauce;French camembert cheese with crispy rye biscuits;Raspberry mousse cake;Coffee or Japanese tea;Choice of winding up;after-dinner mints;And hot towels.Keep 567-Ground speed,the MD-11 penetration minus 62-Egree has a three-degree nose-high attitude,Pass through the frozen Siberian tundra southeast of ark hangelskSeven hours.30 minutes left on the flight plan.Refine the clouds,Appeared like a sheepskin veil,Display periodic orange and white,Population center-Represents the outstanding under the steady movement of pearls,massive-Diameter vortex fan as they push it to Adak and thence south Naryan-Mar.Forget the passengers,Upper wing and lower wing delay or vortex-Create a wing tip differential pressure hybrid,reducing drag,And horizontal stabilizer-The trim tank has moved the plane to its center-of-After gravity,toward its 34-Design restrictions after percentage,Further reduce resistance and combustion of coincident fuels 2.7 percent.There are standard operations for this type in 29-to 32-percent range.Flight plan progress for Flight 914Indicated by a series of position and ground speed readings,Was the result of IRU's position and speed coordination with the VHF omni-Range of directional radio (VOR)And distance measuring equipment (DME)The station between Finland and Japan.Flight plan (F-PLN)The display selected on the MCDU arranges the position and navigation point of the aircraft vertically on the screen,With the estimated time around them,With speed and height,Listed as "location"Estimated time overhead "(ETO),"Speed" (SPD),And "flight level "(ALT).After IrkutskThe golden mountains of Yab,And TsitisiharThe plane moved east,Towards the volvostokSlice the dark and open day in the east,Dawn's razor cuts through a thin cut on the eastern horizon, and the orange light pours out in front of the Harbor Wing,Somehow the cylindrical nature of the Earth is emphasized in three of them-Jet current arc."Tomorrow,"Seems eager to release its power,Flow gradually-Widening the dividing line between fracture marks 24-Two modes of the hour cycle,Its light strengthens and transforms black,The night doom of Siberia turns cold,Part of the habitable purple and ultimate darkness,pre-dawn blue.Under the vast wasteland, there is no doubt that the number of people awakening to such light is infinite.The sun,Red appears,Liquid Mercury dipped in gray-black sea,Slowly overcome the night,its upper,head-Like rim became different because it sheepishly revealed the rest of the body,Illuminate the ice-capped,The corrugated crust of the Russian mountains covers the area below the fuselage.Initially seemed to float in the dark-brown sea,They become independent differences because the sun stretches its floodlights,Like pointing to limbs,toward them.Over the winding,copper-Reflect the river,Flight 914 took two hours.11 minutes flight plan.The aroma of brewing coffee attracted the quagmire,mostly-Passengers from night sleep in the cabin,Only part of a process adds breakfast-precedent hot,Perfume towels.The food itself includes orange juice,a three-Egg omelet full of creamy spinachDanish ham with thick slices,Various volumes,Swiss Black Cherry melonFinnish cheese spread hot pot,cream wafers,Coffee or tea.The bank's aid to a Southern title with its inboard wings,the MD-11 had,Almost after the cruise time.Soviet aviation space left over the snow for the first time-dusted,chocolate-The Brown Ridge, whose peaks are gently scratched by the funnel of the mist,Follow them to the coast and the morning sun-reflected,The surface of copper in the Sea of Japan.One hour,23 minutes to Tokyo.Floating indifferently above the glass of water-like surface,It passed the Silver Peak of Mount Fuji,Now maintain an almost expired South.180-Title of degree.The bank left a cumulative patch,It made a final connection with Japan.with its time-to-Destination has been opened to 40-minute mark.The ridge that defines the island of Honshu appears in front.Tokyo has reported clear skies and 20-Temperature of degrees Celsius.Cross the coast of Nikitathe MD-Has reached a location in the northwest of the destination,And a 25-minute flight plan.Through the cockpit, for the first time out of its aerial plateau in nearly 9 hours-Select "navigation" and "professor" mode.Induced into the nose-down,slipstream-Increase the falling profile,Flight 914 tracked the coastline before passing through the white Pacific ATC-A series of three suitable banks were entered.Automatic boot,The speed of the plane is reduced to 250 knots because it has transitioned 10,000-Foot speed limit,Adhere to its standard terminal arrival route (STAR),By its three giant turbofans, its N1 tachometer has been registered almost-stationary,34-Percentage reading.Air traffic control-Reduced speed required,to 200 knots,had,According to the speed tape,An initial posterior flap extension is required,to 15 degrees.The plane sank over Brown,tan,And Green geometry -?On the final entry of 340 degrees, the pattern of farmland was formed.The captain chose to enter/floor tiles,Instrument Landing System armed with automatic driving system (ILS)Method and preparation to capture glideslope and localization.The method page of MCDU,Generating landing weight,runway,Air pressure,And the last flap to set the speed reading,List the following zaiaa,the ICAO four-Letter code in Tokyo-Narita:a 208-Knot, "clean" speeda 158-Flap extension speed to 28-Degree location,a 161-Speed of entry and 35-degree flap,a 158-knot V-Reference speed,and a 150-Speed of contact.The movement significantly increased the spread of the wing area with the leading edge slat and the 35-degree Posterior margin flap,the blue-Trim Finnair MD-11,Highlighting under its tricycle like four outstretched claws,A final approach was made in the perfect Narita suburb-blue morning,Cross the runway threshold.Sinking into concrete,During this period, the high-altitude call has been computer-generated,Widebody three-Seven jets have already been thrown-degree,nose-high flare,Slow down its automatic throttle idle at 50 feet and allow the ground effect to buffer its main gear contact.Manually throttle into reverse thrust mode,It releases the vandal of its upper wing surface.Their handles have been recovered from (RET)Set to Pass, "1/3" "2/3,"And" all "mark the deceleration of the aircraft.The Norsey wheel slammed to the ground.Taxi to satellite 4, South Wing, Narita International Airport,The plane entered 44 parking spaces at its gate on 0855,local time,End the nose of its interstate flight department and complete cycle mode-The widebody passenger plane is owned by Austrian Airlines-310-300,A Japanese airline 747-200B,British Airways 747-400,an ANA 747-200B,Northwestern 747-200B,And Swissair MD-11.Initial MD-Service is not always that regular.Indeed,The increase in total weight and resistance of the aircraft far exceeds the performance forecast,Resulting in insufficient payload and range,Robert clandell.Then the CEO of American Airlines.Refused to accept the type of delivery,Replace existing DC-10-30 in San Jose-Tokyo route, it has been planned.A series of performance improvement packages (PIP),For shortcomings,This situation was finally corrected.By January 1,1996,147 MD-11 s has been paid to 24 original customers and operators who have participated in the aircraft at 11.6-Hourly Daily utilization rate,Experienced 98.3-Percentage scheduling reliability.Except for the original passenger MD-11,Several other versions,Although the number is very limited,Produced.The MD-11 Combi,for example,There's a stern.left,upward-Open the freight door,Various percentage of passengers allowed,From 168 to 240,and cargo,From four to ten pallets,On the main deck,while lower-The deck space remains the same.With a 144,900-pound weight-Limited payload,The maximum range of the plane is between 5,180 and 6,860 nautical miles.The MD-The 11CF convertible is characterized by the relocation of the main deck door to advance,port side.Martinnell NetherlandsLaunch of customer variants in 1991 of August,Four company orders and a type of option have been placed.The MD-11F,with a 202,100-pound payload,It's a pure-Cargo ships without passenger windows or internal facilities ordered by FedEx,while the MD-11ER extended range,Launched on February 1994,With a 3,000 increase in US gallon fuel capacity at lowerDeck assist tank,a 6,000-A higher pound payload,a 480-A larger range of miles,And a new maximum takeoff weight of 630,500 pounds.World Airways,Select the Pratt and Whitney PW4462 enginesGaruda Indonesia,Specify its Universal Electric CF6-Corresponding to 80C2,A launch order has been issued.Less sales,Due to the lack of initial design performance,Reputation of American Airlines-Breaking public criticismOrder cancellation,Competition with Airbus-340 and Boeing 777Forcing MacDonald-Douglas wrote $1.8 million plan for the year 1996 and next,After McDonald's-Douglas's merger with Boeing commercial aircraftIt is no longer feasible to continue production.Original Douglas Aircraft Company building 84Located at Long Beach Airport and at the incubation point of all McDonald's-Douglas DC-10 and MD-11 widebody three-jets,Hatched 200 and last MD-11,a freighter,For Lufthansa goods,In 2000 of June,And planes,Crossing the road to the runway,The title of the hole,"Perfect is the end of a perfect era.Complete production operation including 131 MD-11 P passenger version,five MD-11C Combis,six MD-11CF convertible,53 MD-11F Pure-Freighters,and five MD-Variant of 11ER extended range.The figures,Add to 446 DC-Built between 1971 and 1988,Resulting in a total of 646 three-Jets have been produced.McDonald's though-Douglas studied stretching several,And restructuring MD-11 successors designated "MD-12s,"Including double-decked,quad-engined,A-380-Similar configuration,These ambitious proposals have surpassed the value of the manufacturer itself,When Taiwan airlines withdrew their financial support for the final versionThis has been restored to three-Jet design for advanced wingsthe three-Swallow the body,Track its descent to the original DC-10,It's finally over.Leaving more and more passengers-Converted the plane into a cargo ship and tied their home into the early days-21st century.
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