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Demand for existing Boeing 727 routes has increased,It often erodes the ability to even stretch,-Version 200 series,With advanced technology,Decided to need a bigger variant of this ancient three-Jet or brand new design.First try,Using the previous method,There is a body stretched enough to accommodate 189 passengers and three refills,higher-Pratt and Whitney JT8D-217 engines,Each development 20,Thrust 000 pounds.Specify 727-300B,It appeared for the first time in the model form of 1975 Paris air show.Despite the initial interest of United Airlines,Operators think it needs to be quiet,still-More advanced power plants.A basic redesign,Keep a nose of 727,Forward fuselage,and t-tail,And specify "7N7""With further fuselage stretching and a new Technical Wing,mated,Like the smaller 737,to two pylon-Install engine,Among them, Pratt and Whitney jt7d-4,Rolls Royce RB.211-535,General Electric CF6-32 was then considered.Although it is intentional,Like it corresponds to the concept,for one-Stop the mainland department of t ran,Its wings contain enough fuel tank volume,long-Scope deployment.Because the passengers on the interstate route have accepted the comfort of the body well,An iteration briefly explores the double-section of a larger fuselage-aisle,180-Accommodation for passengers.The concept will meet two needs:1).It will provide more comfort,Therefore, more competitive with the time-Waiting for Airbus industry-300 in the relatively short domestic sector of the United States,and 2).In this way, we can avoid the extra-long fuselage needed to increase the capacity in the future,Avoid the requirements of the long landing gear struts to maintain an appropriate takeoff rotation angle.The width of the idea,however,There is too much reward for these advantages.As evidenced by weak airline interests,Due to the weight and resistance associated with the second aisle, and having only one more seat is impractical,and its cross-section,Though wider than 7N7,It's too narrow to accept the standard LD-3 luggage and cargo containers.Back to its narrow body study,Boeing has come up with an advanced,large-Capacity 727 which,By 1978 of February,Distinctive nose,cockpit,Cross with the fuselage-section,But a new wing and two turbine fans have been introduced for 170-Passengers added,So take advantage of many commonalities while-developed,twin-Aisle 7x7 design.Re-specify "757"This will be Boeing's fifth-largest commercial passenger plane carrying seven-dash-Seven model sequencing numbersafter the 707,727,737,and 747,The last one is the narrow body.Compared with 727 of the original planned replacement,It provides a 15-Reduce the percentage of fuel consumption,However, its important wing area naturally cultivates weight,range,And capacity to increase any future derivatives.In order to reduce its development cost by 767,the widebody,twin-aisle,twin-The original correspondence is also used for one-Stop the mainland route of t run,Boeing,If feasible,Merge the maximum commonality and type of two aircraft so share the same front nose part,windscreens,quad-Main wheel landing gearavionics,And the flight deck system.Indeed,These two planesforming a new-A generation of advanced narrow bodies and widebody twizets,A generic type of rating will be provided,Add mix-Two types of carrier fleet flight,Even the original intention,727-style t-The tail has been removed in favor of the traditional 767,low-The wing is configured at the very end of the design phase,Leading to greater commonality with 767 over 727, it intends to replace.Launch orders,For 21 companies and 24 options and 18 companies and 19 options,On August 13, it was arranged by Eastern Airlines and British Airways respectively,1978,Rolls Royce RB.211-535C-Power plane.With 196-Passenger capacity in six-abreast,34-Inch seat spacing configuration,the 757,with a 220,000-Total pounds,Optimized to 2,000-Miles of sailing,And an optional,230,000-The pound weight will increase to 2,500 miles.Reduced structural weight,Which one lowered the seat -?mile costs,With advanced composite materials and aluminum alloy structure,The former consists of carbon-fiber-Reinforced plastic for the Mavericks of the engine,ailerons,spoilers,elevators,And the rudder,and kevlar-Reinforced plastic is used for engine Tower Cowling and fin and tail tip Cowling.Copper and zinc aluminum alloy for the skin of the wing,stringers,And lower spar beams.The aircraft,At its initial 757-200 version,Features 155.3-Total foot length.Aluminum Alloy,two-spar wing,His center runs through the fuselage.offered a 124.10-foot span,a 1,An area of 994 square feet,And 5% of the two sidesAnd shared a high degree of commonality with the design of 767,its aft-Load profile delay Mach drag up.But it is thinner with the root pass and provides 25 instead of 32.Sweep back 5%.Its traditional high resistance has been offset by its standard expected task profile,which,Because their duration is short.Increase the percentage of climb and fall cycles.It had a 7.82 aspect ratio,Or aspect ratio.The elevator is fully enhanced-span,five-Leading edge slats and double-Slotted posterior flap,And the roller control is controlled by al-speed,SUV,Five assists on their own-Section damage.They can also be deployed as quick brakes in flight or lifts on the ground,Two of the inboard spoiler can also be used.Power,Provided by two high bypass towers-Installed under the leading edge of the wing,Its diameter is not feasible with the installation arrangement of the 727 body,Resulting in relief of bending movement.Rolls Royce RB.211-535C,The cut fan version of 42,000 thrust-pound RB.211-Lockheed L developed by 22B-1011 TriStar,The compound pod structure was adopted to reduce weight and was first operated at 757 in January 23,1982.The three-shaft,37,400 thrust-The pound power plant has been selected by Eastern and British airlines.More advanced RB.211-535E4,Fan blades incorporating wide chords,High voltage module increase,And a common exhaust nozzle fan and core flow,Provided an eight-Percentage reduction in its cruise mode and four fuels-The point pressure ratio increases,from 23:1 to 27:1,In its early days-535C version.The 40,100 thrust-Pound engine was certified in November 301983 and the first to fly under the 757 prototype in February.Pratt and Whitney PW2037Originally designated by American Airlines and Delta AirlinesSecond place on the plane.Only the others,powerplant.JT10D is initially specifiedthe two-Shaft turbine fan,Conceived conceptually as 26.700 thrust-When the plan was launched in 1972 in February,Has evolved into the current 37,000 thrust-Who's high -?The efficiency of the pressure compressor increases the speed of a smaller compressor plus a higher core speed.The first flight was in prototype 757 in 1984,It is certified as 37,The takeoff thrust and bypass ratio of 600 pounds is 5.8:1.The fuel is in two wings-And a central tank,Burn with an external tank to last in order to keep the wing bending motion relief.Capacity is 11,253 gallons.Traditional,low-Wing tail,It was very late in the 757 development plan,To reduce the total length by 18 feet,However, it has resulted in a longer cabin than 727 which replaces and improves ground mobility.Rate of variables,elevator-Equipped with horizontal tail,Built the whole-span,Light alloy torque box,had a 542-square-foot area,Vertical structure,Made up of three-spar,dual-cell,Light alloy torque box,Covering 370 square meters-foot area.Special double tricycle bottom-wheeled,forward-Retraction nose gear support and two four-wheeled,laterally-Units recovered by Dunlop or Goodrich wheels,carbon brakes,and tires.The cockpit features two operators and an observer seat,And the cabin,at 118.5 feet long,11.7 feet wide,7 feet high,With a big body,Kevlar,individually-Overhead storage rooms that can be closed;Carved ceiling;Embedded Lighting;Forming side walls;And slim seats.Countless classes,pitch,And density seating arrangements,Again, according to the customer's choice,Is available.A 178-Passengers added,for instance,16 top seats in a four-person-abreast,two-two,Configured in 38-Inch Stadium and 162 economy class seats in six-abreast,three-three,Arranged in 34-inch pitch,The 208 passengers can accommodate 12 first class and 196 economy class configurations,The latter is 32-inch pitch.Single-class,high-density,And inclusive tourism/charter density,at minimum 29-inch pitches,Including 214,220,234,239 passengersThe latter is over 727-200 s up to 767 by 50 passengers and weakened line bodies-By equal numbers.The cabin passage is provided by three main passenger/repair doors and two wing emergency exits on both sides or four main passenger/repair doors on both sides.Goods on the second floor,Access via starboard side,lower-deck doors,Offering 700 cubic feet of space in the forward compartment and 1,090 cubic feet in the stern.The Boeing 757 system includes Honeywell-Vex engine-Drive hydraulic pump and four Abex electric hydraulic pump.An Allied-Signal gtcp 331-200 auxiliary power unit (APU)Ground power supply for air conditioning,lighting,And engine start.Having received full programme approval at the 1979 and final general meetings,Just like all the narrow-body injector before.Happened in Renton.Washington,With the first metal cut occurring in December 10 and the first major assembly in 13 months,In 1981 of January.First launched in January 13,1982,Or five months later, it corresponds to widebody 767,First came to the sky in February 19,the 757-Prototype 200 (N757A)Was tested by pilot John Armstrong and powered by 37,400 thrust-pound RB.211-535C vortex fan,Two successful ones-hour,31-The minute inauguration ceremony,In the meantime, it has reached 250-The junction indicates the speed of air (IAS)Before landing at the Everett Boeing' Paine live flight test center.Despite the introduction of the first CRT display-equipped,two-The cockpit,And has launched the first Boeing design with a foreign power plant type,It has proven simple processing features.The five aircraft used in the flight test procedure finally indicated that,Compared with the originality of the design,1979 specifications,It has a 3,650-Low operating weight,a 200-The ability to sail miles on a larger scale,Burn less fuel 3%.FAA was certified in December 211982,the 757-200,Boeing's longest singleaisle twinjet,Booked passenger service with Eastern Airlines in Atlanta on January 1-Tampa and Atlanta-Miami routes,British Airways,Configure the aircraft for 12 first and 174 economy class seats,The type was delivered on January 25 and service began on February 9,from London-Heathrow flightsNorthern Ireland.The first Pratt and Whitney PW2037-Power variant,The first flight was in March 14,1984,It was delivered to Delta Airlines seven months later,in October,In the same month, the East received its first,Example of improved power plants,Equipped with RB.211-535E4.So powered,the aircraft,Mixed with 186-Passengers,had a 220,000-The maximum weight of the pound and 198,000-Maximum landing weight of pounds,Provide a coincidence 2,820-Miles of capacity,Medium though-The range version is 230,000-Pounds and long-Range example features 250,000-Total pound weight,In this case, 3,820-Miles can fly.Mature DC though-9,727,737 routes conceptually determine the necessity of 757 routesThe total weight of its increase and,So the ability to scope,Longer time allowed,trans-And deployment of the inter-continental sectorPart of the reason is that fuel prices are rising,It often serves,If not,767-200 services,Thus supplementing,Before abuseits twin-Aisle counterpart.Delta and east,for example,T ran Continental section operated from the Atlanta hubAnd USAir imitated this model from a similar Pittsburgh flight base to Los Angeles and San Francisco.Inter-Continental service in San Diego,Chile,To Miami and New York.And Canada 3000,Icelandair,And Air 2000 all operations scheduled and licensed transatlantic services.Except for the initial 757-Passenger version 200,Boeing has provided several kinds of wingspans using the same fuselage length,Although these sales are limited.The first one,the 757-200PF cargo ship,Developed as a joint Parcel Service (UPS)When it placed orders for 20 companies and 15 options for Pratt and Whitney PW2037-The power plane was on December 31,1985.These features 134-by 86-inch,upward-opening,hydraulically-Driving the main deck door forward,left side;a smaller,22-by 55-The crew enters the door;Cargo loading system;a solid,sliding door-Set up a barrier between the cockpit and the main deck cargo compartment;And delete all passengers-Related window,galleys,And toilets.First delivered UPS in September 161987,the twinjet,with a 240,000-Maximum takeoff weight of pounds,offered 6,680 cubic feet Main and 1,Low deck volume of 830 cubic feet,Up to 15 pallets are allowed to be carried out in front passenger space.Modified versionthe 757-200M Combi,Reserved passenger facilities-200 and cargo loading elements-200PF,The three pallets and 150 passengers are accommodated on the main deck at the same time.Although it already has 250,000-Pounds of high gross weight,only one,in the event,Once ordered,By Royal Nepal Airlines.A conversion program,Developed by Pemco airlines in 1992,To modify the existing aircraft carrier hybrid,quick-change,or all-Variant of goods,with an 11,Fuel capacity and maximum weight of 276 gallons-200PF.Only military versionthe C-32A,The US Air Force ordered a replacement of its fuel-thirsty,outmoded,quad-engined VC-137s,It features 45-Inside the passenger.The first flight from lunton was in February 11,1998,the aircraft,Finally, it consists of four fleets.Operated by Air Wing 89 at Andrews Air Force Base, Md.A representative,Transatlantic 757-200 flight,Operated by Iceland from New York-JFK to ReykjavikIceland,Is immediately stated.The plane is scheduled to run every day,Leaving for Iceland in the evening,registered TI-FIH,Driven by 40,100 thrust-Pound Rolls Royce RB.211-535E4 turbine fan and configured to 22 four-abreast,two-two,Legendary business,winged-and footrest-Seats and 167 6-abreast,three-three,Economy class seats,All the coverage and sublimation,Blue interior.The 250,000-pound,High-weight aircraft,with an 8,800-Average cargo capacity,offered a 3,900-mile range.Push back from Gate 21 of JFK now-The existing international arrival building is 2050 m in a huge Korean Air 747-400 after shaking90-degree,early-summer day,the blue-trimmed,long-fuselaged 757-200,Somehow I think of DC-8-63 s it has been replaced,But only half the power plant.After being presented as an autonomous entity, towbar disconnects the light tracking cloud that stands out in black dusk on the western horizon.The two-person,transitional-The technical cockpit adopts traditional analog dial-up and six advanced cathode ray tubes (CRT)displays,The former consists of an airspeed indicator,an altimeter,Vertical speed indicator,a clock,And spare flight instrumentsThe latter is an electronic flight instrument system (EFIS),Two electronic attitude and direction indicators (EADI),And two engine indication and crew alarm systems (EICAS),The latter is located on the center panel.Electronic flight instrument system,Divided into Attitude Director indicators (ADI)And level indicators (HIS),Aircraft attitude and positioning information are provided, seven colors are displayed through CRT.Director of attitude indicators,specifically,Provides aircraft attitude and pitch and roll data,With the speed of the ground,autopilot,autothrottle,And the mode of combat direction,Run with the horizontal condition indicator,It itself produces aircraft tracks,Wind speed and direction,Horizontal and vertical deviations,Estimated time with the flight point,And can be used in four basic modes.The map mode,the first,The generated weather radar returns on several scales,The VOR mode provides the position of the aircraft relative to its selected VOR heading.The aircraft relationship generated by the ILS mode is relative to its ILS locator and glideslope,And plan mode,The last four,Displays the required part of the North flight plan located at the top of the screen.There are standard control shackles on the flight deck;Center console for motion throttling between pilots,Flap Lever,And high speed brakes;And a communication and navigation instrument behind the console.The engine starts by turning the roof panel of the respective vortex fan-One of the four startup modes located in the rotating ignition switch-"GRN," "FLT," "AUTO," or "CONT"-The switch on the rear quadrant of throttling is flipped to the fuel channelThe air required to start the fan rotation comes from the tail cone-Install auxiliary power unit.Parameters of power devices,Displayed in the upper part,center CRT,Including the engine pressure ratio (EPR),fan speed (N1),Intermediate rotor speed (N2),high-Speed of Pressure Rotor (N3),And oil,oil pressure,And oil.Flight plans and waypoints have been loaded before the initial fallback.A gentle throttle forward,After clearing from ground control,Before the taxi at twji etWith the help of lateral movement, the Norsey wheel turns to the left side of the tiller captain and The EADI indicated by the ground speed.Take off for the third time,the 216,000-pound 757-200,The frequency of running as a flight FI 614 and monitoring tower is 119.1,Instructed to follow the union 767-To runway 13 300-Right,When the plane moves in the direction of the gem light, the green light chute center line gradually consumed by the nose wheel-Two glittering towers on the horizon of the World Trade Center.Once concentrated on the runwayThe plane was instructed,"Iceland Airlines 614Clear off,Runway 13-Right.Be careful about turbulence from the combined 767 weight."Start the valve core-It's two 40,100 thrust-Pound Rolls-Royce,It inhibits its forward movement, with the help of its toe brakes,In the push-down switch, release yourself into a long,The engine life preservation roller is used to reduce the throttle setting and reach the means of initial control, and its nose wheel until the rudder becomes effective at about 50 knots.The pressure ratio of the Green Engine,Exhaust temperature,fuel flow,N1,N2,And N3 signs,Installed on the CRT displayaffirmed air-and fuel-Generate thrust.The ground speed call starts at 80 knots,The plane speeds up 162 through its V1.Horizontal stabilizer-Leverage into an eight-degree,nose wheel-Out of rotation,757 out of its own specific means, its current elevator-Generate wings,Take Back the landing gear of its tricycle and engage in its vertical pitch mode as it passes through 200 feet at 175-knot,15-Degree attitude.The exhaust gas temperature and fan speed are 157 and 917 respectively.The pursuit of its standard instrument (SID),Aircraft Wing-On the left bank of the belt Park Road nodded into dusk,Beyond Gold,green,orange,And white light splotch.Like the rainbow paint poured on the black canvasof Queens,Contact New York to leave at 126.8.Climbed over 500 feet,It performs an autopilot to control lateral navigation and rising speed,Take back its double-Posterior margin flap from five notches-Degree location.Although 3,400 feet,It was instructed to pursue 060-Title and climbing and maintenance 11,000 feet.Cross Long Island on diagonalIt assumes a 6,000 foot-per-Climb in 220 minutes-knot airspeed,The cockpit is becoming more and more slippery.The climbing list has been completed.Further instructions for climbing and maintenance 17,000 feet,Flight 614 slid into Connecticut from smoke-filled cloudsBeyond its mist at the top of 24,000 feet there, the last remnant of the cold blue sky has been temporarily illuminated by lightning.Seems to be in black,vaporous,turbulence-Invalid incubation,the slender,Narrow fuselage,Its wide diameter push,life-Provide engine,Settle in to the designated plateau while flying at level 350The Arctic blue line over Portland borders the Harbor WingMaine.V Navigator is engaged.Dinner,Detailed, "legendary business class menu" and before selecting aperitif and spiritsIncluding fresh lemon and cocktail sauce on the lettuce bed, "curling diplomat" and giant shrimp;Seafood sauce with mushroom cream sauce or mushroom cream sauce with tortrini,green beans,and carrots;Select red and white wine;There is Icelandic butter in a bread basket;Soft Italian cheese in BellagioThe film of Guda,crackers,red grapes,and walnuts;Cheesecake with raspberry sauce;coffee;And French hazelnut-Fill the bone.Into the black,When it pursues its northeast, the referee is invalid,Across the Atlantic,The Interstate Boeing 757 tracks its invisible path at St.John,New Brunswick;BayLawrence;and Goose Bay,Labrador,Before leaving the North American continent and crossing the seaThe only light now shows flashing reflections outside the cabin,under-The fuselage beacon on the port engine.Because the sun's position in the northern hemispherehowever,A quick day,At 0340 Iceland time,Or 2340 New York time,In a thin form,Cold lines that are almost imperceptible,Dull blue, separated the night sky from black,In distinguishing between the surface of the ocean and the smoke,slab-Like the clouds below.The line represents the horizon.Somewhere,Outside the left.Lying at the tip of Greenland.The blue line has intensified.Chartreuse light after DawnPiercing the clouds with fiery strength,Turn the sky into a series of dim red and copper stripes,Floods light snow in the Arctic-Similar accumulation deck now becomes visible under the engine Tower-Support Wings.Start Automatic Landing,aircraft TI-FIH settled into a power-reduced,3,500-foot-per-Minutes down,Through the 32 transition,000 feet because its airspeed indicator is over 300-knot mark.Engine parameters,Depending on the power plant,Including the engine pressure ratio of 096,Fan speed 390,And exhaust temperature 307.Landing weight,After the fuel is burned,Calculated as 180,000 pounds,Or far below its maximum.Bowed to white and gray,turbulence-The production of cloud volumes is 16,000 feet,The two ninjas were bored with bullet noses in obscurity,Now suppose a 1,800 foot-per-Rate of decline in minutes.To stick to 10,000-Foot speed limit,The airspeed is set to 250 knots and the height is 2,000 feet.Down to nine,000 feet in a shallow,500 foot-per-minute rate,The captain cut the ILS close to the map onto runway 20 at Keflavik International Airport,Adjust to Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)And noticed cloud coverage,rain,And the temperature plus nine degrees Celsius for our arrival.Penetration gray density at 089-Title of degree,The plane landed through 2,900 feet,At this point, the height of the alarm light lighting,Indicates an imminent approach before-set 2,000-Foot limit.Indicating air speed (IAS)Now it's called 215 "-knot mark.Maximum Velocity of flap extension of posterior margin,According to the cockpit signs,Said that the 240 festival was once,220 is five degrees210 for 15,195 for 20,190 for 25,And 30 for 162.EHSI display,Change to expanded ILS mode,Generated weather and traffic data.And the locator captive mode button is activated.In 2, the obscurity of falling off,000 feet,757 in the Navy-gray,silver-Cap the Atlantic Ocean,Briefly arrest its decline and use it to a correct bank to 141-Title of degree and tip of Iceland.The indicated air speed is dialed to 180-knot setting.Expand its double-Slotted flap to five-Degree of location bleed to 200 as airspeed-knot mark,Flight 614 201-Title of final method for degree.The leverage below,In reviewing the final list of methods, section 180 was reduced,Followed by incremental flap expansion,to the 20-Last 30-Degree position,the latter,Overlap with attention,nose-down trim,at a 158-knot airspeed.Acupuncture by rain,The plane is close to red and white,runway-Threshold light,In addition to the white touch ground wire, it can be seen through the low-Lie in the cloud sheath.Over the green,brown,and gold moss-Carpet lava fields and multi-Colorful roof of Keflavikthe 757-200 fell through 1,000-The level of the foot is 500 feet-per-minute rate,Its VREF speed is in section 143,And close the gap runway 20 am id progressive flare and automatic height call:"100





10.Four with it-wheeled,The main landing gear unit,The two returned to Earth until its nose wheel had equal contact with the white light-Central area,Its thrust reversal and quick brake handle have been armed.Ground Speed call,Imitating those transmitted during the flare.ensued:"80



50,"The reverse thrust mode was deactivated at this point, and the concrete barely moved the windows in the lower cockpit.Turn off the runway,Now turn to the tillers with the help of the nose wheel,the long,Twin narrow body,Somehow assumed the wrong identity of the interstate,Taxed to a door next to Air Iceland 737-400 registered TI-FIB as a wand-Instruct the bailiff to grow up until he stands only a few inches on his nose,Parking brake and accordion place-Just like the jetbridge extends to the second one.port door.The demand for 757 mature routes has increased,Coupled with the inherent flexibility of the design,Leading to the first type,and only,Versions of different sizes,Provided 10-Percentage under seat-Cost of miles and increase its passenger capacity and under-floor cargo volume,respectively,50% and 20.First announced on September 21996,After the German charter company Condor Flugdienst placed orders on 12 companies and 12 aircraft selected,the type,Specify "757-300,A selection of 23.4-Stretching the foot body,By a 13.4-The Wings in front of the foot and a 10-The foot is behind it,To produce a new,178.7-Total foot length.The largest in the world,single-aisle twinjet,Only in the length of four-engined DC-8 Super 60 series,It can accommodate 289 single-class,six-The last passenger is 29-inch pitch,Although a typical mix-The class arrangement is more standard and requires 12 first class classes,four-In a 36 seat-Inch spacing and Economy Class 231,six-In a 32 seat-inch pitch,All stretched,141.9-foot-long,wide-After watching the cottage modeled, the next generation 737.Lower-Same increase in deck volume-to 1,071 cubic feet of forward hold and 1,299 cubic feet are held at the stern.In order to cater to the increased pressure generated by the longer fuselage,Strengthen on the wings,high-lift device,engine pylons,And landing gear,And tailboard ensure protection at excessive rotation angles.Still powered by two Rolls Royce RB.211-535E4 vortex fan,There are 240 planes,000-The maximum takeoff weight of the pound and 2,There are 243 passengers within 055 nautical miles.The 757-300 prototype,Construction of the NU701 and 804 aircraft,First launched in Renton.Washington,on May 19,1998,First came to the sky three months later.on August 2,To complete a successful,2.5-Flying in hours, it reaches its maximum,250-The knot represents the speed of air and 16,000-foot altitude.Flight test procedures in the field of preliminary airworthiness and basic control,It explores chatter,stalls,stability,and control,It is also demonstrated that the lateral flap of the vortex generator needs to be installed at the leading edge to improve the stall characteristic.Two other bodiesNU721 and NU722It is allowed to complete the plan after a total of 356 hours of 912 flights,And lead to FAA certification,for 180-ETOPS sorties in minutes,on January 27,1999,The shortest end,design-to-Production cycle of any Boeing derivativeOver 27 months.Two months later, the Condor introduced the type of revenue service,on March 19.Improve existing 757-200s and -The 300 s is a transformation program with an aviation partner, Boeing hybrid SpaceX.Winglets,Chord changes with large radius and smooth in the transition section,avoid drag-Generate vortex concentration and provide the best Pneumatic load,Resulting in a smaller wingtip vortex than a straight wing or even a traditional wing system with an angular transition.The retrofit,The weight of the system carried is 1,320 pounds,Skin and rib replacement,in-Tank sling reinforcement,Replacement of lower cover fasteners,The vortex generator of the leading edge flap increases,And the new exterior position and the reverse-Anti-collision lamp installation.The system,124 more wingspan.10 to current 134.9 feet,Many economic and performance benefits have been generated,Including average annualper-The plane saves about 300 of fuel,000 gallons of America.The first eight-foot,two-inch winglet-equipped 757,a -200 series aircraft belonging to Continental AirlinesThe first flight was in March 9,2005 from EverettWashington,And today, the plan qualifies as a resounding success.On October 18,2004,the 1,050th-and last-Boeing 757,an original-length -200 series,Renton's final assembly plant was launched and delivered to China Shanghai Airlines the following year.The aircraft,Designed to be a bigger-capacity,twin-engined,Advanced corresponding 727,As a smaller-capacity,The narrow body is supplemented at the same time-developed 767,for one-Stop the mainland route of t run,Unique to fill the two markets, thus creating one of their own,The final deformation is higher-Capacity and longer-Inter-Continental variants.Of the 1,Delivery of 049 aircraft,The 913 is 757-200s,80 already 757-200PFs,One is 757-200M,And 55 has 757-300s.The victims of the recession and the post-9/11 reduction in air travel,Most of this type is Boeing's own next generation 737 and Airbus-321,Its smaller passenger capacity matches the changing route requirements more closely.Although currently 787-Limited high replacement capacity in May 8Capacity of 757 departments,no direct,Advanced Design corresponds to current ideas,with high-The final version of Boeing's final 737 replacement may qualify as its successor.Nevertheless,The type represents the peak of a single-aisle,twin-Participate in the development of passenger aircraft,Its payload and range parameters far exceed those traditionally associated with this configuration.
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