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Four families seeking to complete it-engined,long-Range 707 s and three-engined,medium-Range 727 s and double-engined,short-Range passenger plane,And capture some markets that have filled the same-configured SE.210 Caravelle,BAC-111,and DC-9,Boeing has designed a lowWing aircraft deviate from these competing designs using the same fuselage crossover-Part as its bigger rival,Keep their six-The final coach seat and the wing bottom attached to its engine,No t-tail.The plane was designated "737.For the same short-sector,high-The frequency route, because these other duets,It employs a wing short enough to reduce resistance,Structure weight,And direct operating costs,However, the fuel capacity required for a house long enough is the length of its intended department.Because these are assumed to be relatively short,High cruising speed is not so critical to the design, longer than it-range models.Although the wing-The additional engine caused a certain degree of lifting loss compared to now-standard,aft,fuselage-Other twins installed with power unit configuration,Boeing has been able to offset this trend, leading and trailing edge high-Lifting device on the wing.Reference design is common with other Boeing types,And acknowledging that its existing 727 s provides excess capacity,Especially on domestic routes in Germany.Lufthansa has become a 737 launch customer in its initial version of 737-100 when it issued order 21 on February 19,1965.First prototype flight in two years.on April 9,And registered N73700It entered the scheduled service on February 10,1968,Driven by two 14,000 thrust-Pound Pratt and Whitney JT8D-7 engine and can accommodate up to 103 single-Passengers.A slightly stretched version,the 737-200,40 units have been ordered from United Airlines,And flew for the first time in August 8,1967.Long version,Using a longer engine compartment,In April 28 of the following year, the maximum capacity was 130 people and services were put into operation.Although the output of the former is only 30 meager,the latter,Especially in its later, "advanced", disguiseHas made impressive 1,114 sales,Won its title, the world's "fast selling"To incorporate evolving technologies,Improve performance,Reduce operating costs,Boeing offers a third basic version.The first significant upgrade of the type and the second passenger capacity increase.Both are new-technology,The high bypass provides greater thrust than the turbine fan,Reduce fuel consumption,And reduce noise,There is no need for expensive redesign of existing wings, thus limiting the cost of the development plan to $0.25 billion.Not like the narrower JT8D engine.however,The new vortex fan has a large diameter and can no longer be directly attached to the bottom of the wing,requiring,instead,The means of attachment, a tower,A configuration that leaves an inadequate ground clearance without the same expensive major landing gear support grow and redesign.Only Boeing works closely with CFM International,Expected engine manufacturers,Could lead to a commonSolve engineering obstacles.The engine itself,the CFM56,After a considerable period of development, the first run in 1974 in June, and for the first time become air in McDonald's-Douglas YC-15,It was later done on board a Caravelle in France.Converted to super DC-8 as CFM56-2,The plane was re-designated DC-8-70 series,It produced 24.Thrust 000 pounds.In lowering the rating,as the CFM56-3,It aims for a new version 737.Repositioning auxiliary equipment that is usually installed on the top and bottom of the engine,CFM International has re-marked it as an oval and the bottom is almost flat,Reduce its diameter and therefore increase its ground clearance,Boeing has towers though-Install at a slight angle to avoid thermal and exhaust interference on the lower and rear edges of the wing.Configuration,It has taken most of the leading edge of the turbine fan, and has caused the thrust to be tilted downward,Liberated the previously unavailable wing volume and increased the navigation of fuel,Indirectly increase the range of the aircraft.Plus lengthened,Nose gear support for repositioning,This arrangement resulted in 28-inch engine-to-Ground clearance,2 inch shorter than the 30 provided by JT8D cabin.In order to counter the additional weight applied at close speed,A new leading edge slatRun between the engine Tower and the wing tip and have a precedent of 737-200's,Added a chord of 4%,Allow a near speed, only five sections higher than the earlier version, improve its altitude capacity 4,000 feet.Program start,on March 5,1981,Before the actual first orderBy American Airlines and Southwest AirlinesThree weeks ago.Volume One-out,Three years later.on January 17,1984,in Renton,Washington,Prototype,which,The second time,Hole N73700 registration was originally assigned to 737-100,It first took the sky next month,On February 24,To a 29,000-Foot height and completion of a successful two-hour,56-Girl flight in minutes.FAA type certification,The following three-aircraft,1,294-Flight test plan for hoursIn November 14, a plane not only met the new strict noise level regulations,But it shows greater performance and economy than computing in the design phase.The third basic version of the 737 familySpecify 737-300,Feature a failure-Safety aluminum body nominal,8.8-The extension of the foot is more than 737-200,By 3.At the leading edge of the wing 8 feet and the trailing edge 5 feetAnd lead to 109.7-The overall length and moderation of the foot,19-Passenger traffic increased.The cabin,Bigger merger,Redesigned overhead storage compartments and revised lighting,Standard for eight first class,two-Two seats in one 36-Inch spacing and Economy Class 120,three-Three seats are arranged at 32-inch pitch.Up to 149,single-class,exit-Limited passengers can stay in a single accommodation-Class configuration in 32-Inch seat spacing.Luggage on the ground floor,cargo,And the Mail holds the wing located in the front and rear.The commonality of the cockpit with the earlier version 737 has been deliberately retained to promote a common type rating.Aluminum Alloy,two-spar wing,with a 94.9-foot span,features 11-Inch tip expansion,a 4.4-Percentage leading edge extension and lateral control outside the engine of the spoiler panel,And after a new flap section and tracking the cowl.Low-speed,high-Elevator equipment includes inboard,Krueger flap of the leading edge;outboard,three-section,Leading edge slats;And behind,triple-slotted flaps.Three out of the harbor,powered,Super wing spoiler,Aluminum honeycomb,Add lateral control and act as air brake and ground on board-Based on destruction,The graphite composite wing provides roller control.Wing and fuselage center part Tank 5 room,311 gallons of fuel.A tail surface with variable incidenceIts span is greater than 737-200,Activated by two motors,Using the manual alternate version feature,The vertical tail introduces the dorsal fin on the fuselage to offset the engine loss-Asymmetric thrust conditions are created.All surfaces are two separate systems of hydraulic drive and operation.The equally,Hydraulic telescopic and scalable,dual-wheeled,The tricycle is the main unit without the wheel well door,Their Wheels form a pneumatic seal in the storage position.The design reduces weight and facilitates easy operation and easy maintenance access.Power is provided by two thrust-Mixer with CFM International CFM56-3C-1 turbofans,Rated at 20 each,Thrust 000 pounds.Basic change in total weight,at a 124,500-Pounds take-off weight,features a 1,625-mile range,And the high total weight option,at 138,500 pounds,produces a 2,260-mile range.Representative wheel-trip flight,From New York, LaGuardia to Chicago, O'Hare and United Airlines,Two typical-Sector of 737 hours -?300 designed.After two hours of taxiing, parallel to two active (13-31)And inactive (4-22)There are 50 planes on the runway at LaGuardia Airport.Most of them are waiting for air traffic control to pass through the weather-Stubborn central Cleveland corridorUnited Air 737-300 follow American air express DHC-8-Runway 100 13Accelerate the roller and rotate.Instructions, "contact departureFlight 695 is on a tight left bank near Flushing Bay and the East River,As a bridge of throat, neck and white stone,White necklace,Through the wings below and on the left.Given a continuous height gap,from 5,000 through 9,000,10,000,and 15,000 feet,The plane was 320-Title of degree,Contact the New York center at 132.6,And was cleared to its first VOR at a flight level of 230 "climbing and keeping.After a 280-Speed limit,737 has been cleared to 36,000 feet, and contact the Cleveland center.An orange moon,Hover over the top of the leftLight the thick building block cloud deck below.Speed brake allows fast,Originally dropped 70 miles from the o'harley International Airport.Plunder the moon-illuminated,silver skies,The plane briefly flew over the furry top before hitting them at 10,000 feet.United 695 contact Chicago Method control.The moon,Regularly visible through the broken cloud deck,Turn the sky into silver-and-Black Halloween-Scenery on the other side of midnight.The instructions "decline and maintain 6,000,"737 temporarily turn left to 220 degrees before turning 200 degrees almost immediately.Maintaining 4,000 feet to Adam wallUnited 695 intercepted ILS for runway 27L.Then contact the Chicago building and complete the sequencing of its landing gear and flap extension.When the aircraft began sequencing the flap and landing gear, the orange geometry of the ground light appeared in the fog.Application Part power and maintenance 135-Close to speed,It went through blue-In the early hours of the morning, the track pattern on the field was connected to the runway.The next day, in a glowing copper dusk in the return zone, pushed back from the C31 gate,United Air 737-300,As flight 690,Start a long taxi rolling to pad the short runway 22L and 27L,Air traffic control restrictions shut down the engine for 30 minutes,Before being granted permission to take off the first two runways.Contact Chicago for departure control and roll into a tight left bank light on the ground,The aircraft is instructed to "climb and maintain" 8000 feet,Clear to its initial VOR.The orange,The geometry of the rectangular light produces black,No-reference surface of Lake Michigan.From the perspective of 10,800 to 13,000 feet,737 contact the Chicago Center at 126.47.Huge,When the plane was cleared to 35, the deep mountains on the moon moved under the right,000 feet.Contact the Cleveland center at 133.07,The plane rides a "light cut" and is instructed to reduce the speed Mach.74 "is the spacing.Contact the New York Centeron 128.57,Then.An article published in Milton, wall.0345 Zulu release timeIt was canceled before arrival.Although the speed is reduced by 737 to minimize its expected hold time at that time to reach it.Now cleared through Milton 3 to LaGuardiathe aircraft,Keep Section 280,Was directed at the intersection of Flight 190Then "down and keep" 10000 feet and reduce the speed to 250 knots.The method of contacting New York is 127.43,Flight 690 was granted a "29" altitude.64 "and asked to keep a title 120 degrees and" reduce the speed by 180 knots.Instructions, "direct green and intercept localization program"737 was cleared to get a proximity to ILS runway 04.The full moon,Now visible through thin,sheath-like clouds,Suppose the outline of a ghost.Handed over to the tower,The plane was told that "the wind is 090 at 5."Break the cloud cover,Now with the fully expanded front and rear edge wing unitIt appears above the ground lights in Jackson Heights.Through powerful knives,Tilt the rain and roll on its vertical axis as it offsets the wind.Clear the land,It crossed the Black,Central Park,Before the wet runway surface and rebound, the damage to its bump is firmly implanted on its ground.When Boeing launched its last one,Intermittently specify "classic" 737a 737-400,inRenton,Washington,It has achieved an impressive production milestone, established 1,113 737-300s,486 longer-fuselage 737-400s,And 389 short-fuselage 737-500s.In 1991,It has reached the peak of 21 aircraft completed every month.When these production figures include 30 "first generation" 737-100s and 1,114 737-200s,the 3,132 short qualified aircraft collective production-range,low-As the best player in the world-Commercial passenger planes.Occupied by the "next generation" 737-600,-700,-800,and -900,Created the basic design to complete its home and compete with the twizets at the time,All of this is removed from birth,Every engineer's goal has been achieved,As proved by more than 6,000 aircraft sales and global coverage of their routes,Takes off or lands every few seconds.Somewhere in the world24 hours a day.
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