aluminum panels The Beauty of Decorative Glass Doors

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
The front door is the first entry point for family guests.It provides the visitors and passers-by a snapshot of the personality inside a home
.Because the first impression is very important
, many homeowners to choose decorative glass panelled door of elegance and beauty

There are many styles of decorative glass, let homeowners have enough opportunities to find the most suitable for the panel at the entrance of their home.
Below is the information of some types of entrance door glass for creating decorative panel
.Toughened glass
Four to five times better than standard glass.The strength and heat resistance of the steel are derived from the extreme heating and rapid cooling methods that produce itThis leads to shatter into small oval
- in the shape of pebbles, not the sharp fragments, if broken
So that it won the nickname "safety glass
In addition to decorative panel
For the production of a variety of products, including oven windows., computer screens, shower door
.Beveled glass
Very popular among door manufacturersWith edge, beveled glass is a pane in the surrounding of an Angle

The bevel allows it to capture light in a unique way, resulting in a variety of visually attractive colorsCant usually comes from the standard glass cutting.
. However, some artists and manufacturers also perform process in the beauty of color texture glass reinforced design
.Frosted glass
The surface of the ground glass is sand blasting or etched with acid.
Causing opacityTranslucent surface
And .

The dense, transparent frosted glass provides a certain degree of privacy while still allowing light to enter the surface.Although in furniture decoration and other items
, grinding is the most common use of shower door and other entrance area the landlord wants to confidentiality and bright
.Lead glass;Lead glass is fabricated by connecting glass pieces of thin metals like copper
, zinc or lead to form a decorative design
The most common types are stained glass.
.Glue the glass
In the course of this decoration,, spray transparent float glass, then apply hot animal glue, and then dry in the oven.Connected to the glass glue to cool
And then in the process of drying shrinkage
Apart form a random pattern in the process of finely.

Adding glue to the glass makes it more textured and refinedTo make it popular for doors and Windows
.These are only part of the many for decorative glass of the door.
Customize the door glass panel for more information
, please contact your local glass supplier
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