aluminum panels The 5 Most Popular Types of Dock Cleats

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
The wedge wedge is made of stainless steel, bronze or galvanized metal and a variety of styles
, size, and color
Wedge is the most common and most secure way, to ensure the safety of your ship is still at the dock or wharf

And there are many types to choose from.Your specific Settings may control one another.
Then once again
, you may have a preference of plywood is equipped in your dock
.Here are five of the most common types of dock nails.1

Galvanized steel sheet:From the hot dip galvanized steel manufacture all of these are the most popular port so far
Designed to protect is not affected by these elements, and built for durability.
, they are a very economic demand docking solutions
2 use hex bolt hole installation
This is a simple installation for any self-made project.Galvanized pier wedge is available in different size and the size of the most common from 4 "12"
.2. FlipLong cheng wedge
-lt; United States & GT; aluminiumPolishing cast
-Wood protection on the wharf is made of solid ship-grade aluminum 35 aluminum and powder, with a white or specially treated luster on the surface to give it a traditional metallic luster

Flip- the diaphragm upward durable, corrosion resistance.
. FlipLong cheng wedge is one of the greatest in the application of safety in the dock can be a problem or a lot of traffic
In these wedge concealed installation hole bolt from additional line
Simply flip
-when not in use, use the Cleat up and fold the Cleat down to the lower baseThe size of the most popular flip
-Up the pier, six "and eight.". FlipAlso available in aluminum than terminal wedge
Powder coating, white and black
.3. corner aluminium rail clamping plate(dock builders wedge
):Angled wedge is aluminum frame aluminum rail terminal design
Angle Cleat is easy to slide into place, suitable for most of the OEM dock builders style and aluminum extrusion.
Angle to allow stronger

Bevel aluminum splint may be available at 8 "or 10".4And .

Classic Cleat:The classic plywood is one of the latest products on the market
, but the unique and highly functional
, they can meet any requirement.

The shell is coated with solid aluminum and powder until the end

5The sun light aluminum splint
:Solar yard Cleat attractive and functional, with a strong solar charging properties and mooring strength.
Casting aluminum alloy chassis width they have a strong foundation
5 super bright white leds provider and basic lighting from charging 12 hours at a time
. Viewing distance of 325 feetSolar panels is a single crystal epoxy and waterproof
Lights will automatically in
-at dusk.
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