aluminum panels Take a Quick Tour of the Dodge Demon Concept

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
The 2010 Dodge Demon concept car is a slightly modified version with a slight change in the current generation Demon model.The dimensions of the 2010 Dodge Demon concept are closer to the Pontiac winter solstice.Demons will be equipped with 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine,172 hp performance output is available.The vehicle will feature a six-speed manual transmission.The capacity of 2010 demons is expected to be 2400 cc with a torque of 6000 rpm.At 4400 rpm,The vehicle can generate a torque of 165-ft.Other notable features of the model include wheel dimensions of 19 inch.The door of the car is designed with an aluminum frame,The vertical handle is also designed to provide better support for passengers in its doors.The interior design of the Dodge Demon is also quite amazing to do carbon as well as aluminum fiber inside.Adjustable seat,HVAC knobs,Emergency brake handle,And the instrument panel is also convenient to choose from at 2010 demons.Other features of the demon include a brushed metal-decorated vehicle with semi-retro cockpit design.To protect passengers, a scroll bar is placed behind the seat.2010 Dodge demons are designed to maintain marketing requirements,It will have functions such as traction control system,anti-Locking disc brake systemStable control system,Seat side airbag,And special trim options.
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