aluminum panels Streetfighter Motorcycle Frame Designs

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
In the wonderful world of fightingYour imagination will only limit you.In the grand plan of thingsWe are using 3 main elements:the wheels,Engine and seat.How these elements are connected,Working as a whole,Almost infinite.Chassis design,Suspension elements,Body design is a key factor in the unique motorcycle.Each part assembled with the machine not only adds its functionality, but also adds its style.One of the things I have always been interested in is frame design.Come up with a frame, we basically have a bunch of random parts,But there's more to it, and then it's just a place to connect it all together.This is how to start and end your bike.You can stop the best.The biggest brake,And the lightest wheel you can afford your bike,But if the frame is weak and twitching all these killer parts are nothing.In the days we live,It's hard to beat the quality and build the latest and largest factory super bike.Let's face it.They have the time and money to put all the research and development and design they want until you have a super light,Ultra-rigid frame.Now that doesn't mean we have to swear to design our own ideas.This is a special kind of building.A real framework separated man and boy talk like this.For those of us with older bikes, this can greatly help overall performance and handling to make the bike more robust and responsive.But also in styling note this is the look you can really start laying your bike.The helicopter crowd has been stretching and raking frames for decades.This is a mature style.But when you start building your own framework, you can make all the work together.You can have styles and performance in one package.Different street motorcycle frame design:Grid framework:For those of you at the fighter sceneThere is no doubt that you have seen beautiful examples built by SpongeBob,Harris,RAU and some later builders such as MartekSteel Heart and pests.The most common design of these frameworks is grid format,Similar to Ducati and MV Agusta.Constructed of large diameter aluminum tubes or chrome steel,They provide a very light and rigid building,But it also gives builders a range of tonality to place in components and in all layouts.The mounting point can be adapted to many different engine configurations and also allows for a range of suspension positions.Backbone or cradle-Style Frame:The next form of frame configuration is the backbone style or cradle frame.The most common old bikes and traditional style cruisers.RAU has modified this version as an emphasized member framework.Instead of a full cradle frame, the engine with the mounting point sits in,They use the engine to install the frame.This style eliminates the lower frame tracks.It features a "backbone" of a large diameter tube, and a downward tube connected to the engine mounting section.Honda has also adjusted this style of frame in their Hornets line.This setting is not only very strict, but also allows the display engine.The following side is that the frame must go through the engine witch can make the bike quite high.Twin-Spar or Twin-Beam Frame:The double spar or double beam frame is one of the most commonly used frames in sports bicycles.If you have GSXRYZF,In the past 10 years of CBR or ZX, you have ridden double spar.They are rigid,And a strong framework.They may be heavy and bulky compared to other examples, but in recent years manufacturers have come up with new technologies to help reduce weight while still maintaining strength.Arguably not the most beautiful design, but can do the work as eye candy if done well.Another advantage of this design is the ability to hold or hide some components or fluids.The case point Buell XB series is designed with its fuel frame.Monochrome frame:One of the most unique designs is monochrome.There are some ways this can be done.Some panels, bolts together,Tube mounted in triangular shape,Even just Bolt All the engines.This is a complex structural design that puts machines in a very unorthodox way.As for the materials, these frames can be made,The scope is also very large.Steel and aluminum are the most common,Although some examples are made of carbon fiber,Stainless steel and titanium.All these materials require certain skills to work.Steel is probably the simplest and cheapest, though the heaviest material.The upward side is that it is the most elastic bending force and can be weighed in very close proximity to the aluminum frame if the design is correct.Aluminum will be the next size, but more skill work is needed.Welding aluminum can be tricky.It melts faster, and then steel, you have to have a good working knowledge, this material is welded correctly.It is very rigid and powerful, but it also has half the weight of the steel to get the same strength.Titanium is very expensive and hard to get a lot, but the lightest and strongest of the more common metals.Carbon fiber is also getting harder to get and requires a completely different set of skills to work.It also takes quite a bit to get the same strength as the above metal.Although it is brittle and has been known to crush under the right forces.So how do we get it all out and make it work?Well,Like I said before.That's what you have to figure out.I will say that.Draw lines from the beginning of the steering head to the swing arm fulcrum, and then start from there.Check out some new bikes and how they are laid out.Specifically,Look at the installation point;steering,Engine and back end.Break the pen you imagine,A.K.A.your finger,And start drawing the line from one point to another.I'm interested in what you're going to come up?And more of this, and,Such as component positioning,Center of gravity,rake,The height of the trail ride.,But we will attack these issues again!
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