aluminum panels Storing Sunlight Heat Energy

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
It's easy to make hay when the sun shines,But how do we use the energy of the sun at night?Buckminster Fuller once explained that many natural problems can be solved by observing nature.As you know, plants use light energy to convert low energy CO2 H2O into sugar in the presence of chlorophyll, and people use light to generate electricity in the presence of photovoltaic panels, which can be used to store energy. By charging the battery.It can also be converted into thermal energy.This process of turning light into heat is a common phenomenon, at least as important as making food energy.Without the ability to trap heat from clouds and greenhouse gases, our planet will be a frozen wasteland.A certain amount of heat is necessary for life,But unregulated emissions of fossil fuels could undermine the delicate natural balance on which we live.If we are to live in harmony with nature, we must learn wisely to take advantage of the large amount of heat from the sun.From the Sun is an inconvenient truth,But oil-burning products are destroying our planet, so we have to find alternatives to energy concentration,We have to find a way to store solar hot rainy days or cold winter nights.Making insulation from petroleum products makes more sense than burning petroleum products, accelerating the trend of global warming.Manufactured products can be used repeatedly, but energy from burning can only be used once.Plastic foam insulation made from petroleum products deserves their weight in gold when it comes to using non-Renewable resources.Polyisocyanuric acid and polyethylene foam products are the most cost-effective materials that can be used to store heat.Copper and aluminum are commonly used to transfer the heat collected to a heat storage reservoir, but there are also some lower-cost petroleum-based products that can be used for the same purpose.(Cross-Linked Polyethylene)Copper is being replaced gradually in many pipe operations.It is a commonly used radiant floor heating system, and it has recently been used in DIY solar collector heat storage tanks.PEX is cheaper than copper,However, the surface area heat exchange requirement of PEX is greater than that of copper.PEX has mature value in solar heat exchange business,But there are still other plastic products worth mentioning.Make excellent,Low-cost storage containers.They can get little or no cost.Some companies actually pay for the empty deletion of people.As sealed drums, they can be connected in series to layered heat and improve collector performance.If the surface area of the collector and the volume of the drum are sufficient, all heat and domestic hot water requirements of the household can be met without the use of fossil fuel emissions.Intermittent needs to be fully utilized,Natural sunshine.As we know, the sun is rare in winter, so we need to be prepared when it arrives.A typical Cold Climate Home may require a thousand-foot array to Harvest Fuel Oil equivalent energy found in 3 gallons of fuel oil 2, so we also need a well insulated house for solar home packaging as part of it.It takes several tons of solar hot water in 16 plastic buckets to store the heat of the sun to extend the time interval,but energy-independent,cold-Climate homeowners should still prepare a wood stove backup.
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