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by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Stained glass panels are a great way to decorate your homeWhen considering the stained glass Windows
, the first thing to enter a person's mind is old churches and cathedrals and big panes describes the scenes of the bible.
. Similar, but the small window glass can be added to your home to improve aspect

You can put colored glass windows of all sizes and shapes in any room in your home, even on the front door or on the interior door

Time will affect the appearance of the color glass.
, but it's not your imagination
Actually clean color panel can produce more losses than the sun or rain
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If you know how to maintain your stained glass panels, they have looked good for centuries

The glass window is best cleaned naturally.Additional damage and blown glass cleaning
However, the glass Windows must be placed at home cleaning on a regular basis.
Cleaning the glass panel when you should not use water, because it only damage the glass
Clean your window glass dry brush to clean the glass panel is the best way
. However, you must be sure that you are using a soft brush or you risk damaging the glass

There are some areas, you have to check when you are looking for glass
.Glass- glass even can have one or a few cracks
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Always look for color difference.Because they are obvious signs of damage

However, the window glass may have bubbles or textures, which may be part of the design.Lead- because of the lead is soft and malleable, it can easily change its structure.
Always check for cracks near the fusion of the joints
.Window structure
- if the glass installation is not correct
, the window may swellIf the window instead of a long period of time you should leave here, don't move or change its structure
.Paint-If the paint on the glass burns wrong

, it can be very fragile
Check the paint peeling, blister
.If your window is badly damaged, you should contact a stained glass specialist.Trying to repair it can produce more damage your Windows
However, when you contact with any glass repair
Color glass plate, make sure that you really need to be repaired.
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