aluminum panels Stained Glass First Aid

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
The owner of the old house appreciates the beauty of stained glass.In some cases,Stained glass windows can be emotional, "cause", prompting you to buy your house.But like many other aspects of old house ownershipColor glass needs maintenance and care.Here are some suggestions on how to take care of your windows -?-And how to identify when to call an expert.Color glass panel is made by 1)Separate chopped clear or colored glass,or bevels;2)It is held by a matrix of lead or copper foil.Lead, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is a traditional way to assemble glass panels containing lead.Zinc comes with the grassland design of Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries.Copper foil is a method introduced by Comfort Tiffany.Is the preferred way to build art glass panels and lampshades for complex designs.Another step in the construction of a lead glass panel is to apply cement to fill the space between the glass and the internal surface of lead or zinc.Cement is applied to the front and back of the panel for weather resistance and to increase the strength of the panel.Large panels should also be supported with saddle bars or steel bars.Check the age and flexion of your window.Assess the status of lead or zinc cams,Look for signs of metal fatigue and corrosion.The old lead is still functional if the metal on the exposed surface (the flanges)Can be lifted and flat without cracking.Lead covered with fine white powder has been oxidized and has reached the end point of its service life.The zinc covered by the white dot has been worn out.too.Check the wool crack of the metal near the joint,Especially near the group Border.These indicate fatigue in metals.Large or specially crafted glass panels are usually reinforced with steel or brass bars.These saddle barsAbout 1/8 "thick" wide,The weight attached to the cam and notch to the sash strengthen window and help support the panel.Some steel bars are welded to the Cam,Others are fixed with twisted copper wire.If the bar is separated,They should be reconnected using the original method.The bar with split will require a professional recovery to be released.If there is a bump in the group,Measure its depth.A group, which is 1 "or less, should be professionally reviewed without panic,But it may not need to be fixed.More than 1 and a half panels, "out really needs to be removed and professionally flat and released from the window.Check the glass.Because it's hard to match some old glass,It is better to fix the broken glass instead of replacing it.Not every crack needs to be fixed.If the cracks are small and there is no danger of falling,Leave it alone.If the glass is lost or broken seriously,Called professional.If the repair is minimal, the panel is large,an on-Site fixes may be possible.If you're going to ship the glass to a professional repairmanFirst fix the loose Cam and glass pane with the painter's tape.(Do not use duct tape!)Remove the sling that still connects the panel.To increase security,Put the panel on a larger plywood and tape it down.Smaller panels can be packed and laid flat in a wooden box.Clean the glass panel with lead or copper foiled with a soft rag and neutral pH soap.Make the rag very well.Avoid grinding products and scratch glass or metal.Do not use spray products or products containing ammonia.The liquid can be obtained under foil or lead, and ammonia can react with lead or cement.Windows set up in the bathroom or kitchen can be cleaned with damping #0000 steel wool pad to Remove soap residue,grease,and mildew.Any color glass supply retailer can polish using paste products such as glass wax or colored glass polishing.Apply paste with soft rag,let dry,and buff.CAUTION:This process may release lead dust into the work area.Clean any surface around the panel (sashes,sill,and floor)Contain any lead residue with soap and water.Wear a dust mask.Protective glass,Although there is no need,You can protect your stained glass panel from damage or willful baseball.Maintain aesthetics,The storm window sling should be similar to the original sling material.According to local building codesGlass can be double-strength glass or organic glass (R).Please note that plastic glass will be yellow and scratches over time.Lexan(R),Not yellow.Nevertheless, it is easy to scratch.Tempered double strength glass is expensive,But the best protection is provided.
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