aluminum panels Solid Security Glass Block Windows & Walls For Commercial, Architectural and Institutional Projects

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
"We can't stop the mob from breaking out in this community,shooting out,Destroying the expensive insulated glass windows we put at school last yearSaid the maintenance supervisor."Do you have a solution that can stop our cycle from throwing good money after bad?" he said.Unfortunately, this is not an unfamiliar concern for the owners,managers,As well as the maintenance supervisor of commercial buildingsschools,courthouses,And transit authorities.How can you stop this consumption cycle?time loss,And setbacks?Solid glass block windows and walls are considered.In this article, you will learn:1.2.Where to use solid bricks and glass bricks.3.Options and accessories in safety blocks and bricks.The cheapest way to put glass windows or walls in businessarchitectural,Or the mechanism Project is a standard single-pane or insulated glass system constructed generally with a vinyl or aluminum frame system.However, if your business or facilities are located in graffiti,vandalism,bullets,bad weather,noise,Or fire is an answer that focuses on the lowest initial cost window or wall system may not be able to reach the best life cycle cost.The solid safety glass block Vistabrik line from Pittsburgh Corning may be what you are looking.Some of the reasons the building owner chose this line of blocks include:Anti-bullet-These pieces UL test and resist penetration from high impact weapons by 3 "thick glass, including 9 sisters and.357 Magnum bullets.Reduce damage and graffiti-With "non-The stick, "graffiti on the glass surface is difficult to remove more easily and enter strongly, because 8" x 8 "x 3" blocks weigh 40 lbs.Each square foot is deformed together.Fire resistance-When a higher level of building safety and fire resistance is required, do not have to look at the ugly wires in the glass,Solid glass blocks are preferred.Window panel can be designed 45,60,And 90 minutes UL approved fire rating.Noise reduction-Buildings near railway stationlarge crowds,traffic,Moreover, the machinery is difficult to rent, and the staff is very inefficient.Solid glass brick has Sound Transmission Class 53 and noise reduction factor.05 resulting in quiet indoor space.Reduce maintenance costs-Solid glass masonry units can reduce the total cost of ownership, if you choose this durable,It's hard to break the block in the initial stage of the construction project-Thus saving the cost of continuous maintenance of the repair and replacement of glass windows and walls.Here are some of the most frequently used places for solid glass blocks in business,Institutions and construction projects:Gym and recreational facilities-One of the devices is Lloyd Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Elevated walkway and parking-(Check out the trails at Perry High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and parking at Logan Airport, Boston, Massachusetts).A glass staircase,shelters,And the walls of the transit stationjails,Detention Center,courthouses,Police station,And the embassy-Solid glass units provide safety without giving up light and appearance.Some interesting facilities include the Yankee Stadium complex at the New York Transportation Authority and the free Clay County Detention Center in Missouri.Glass windows for factories and manufacturing buildings-A building owner in Columbus, Ohio plans to replace insulated glass aluminum frame windows with solid glass bricks that have been broken and shot out.If you are looking for a clear view window or wall or need more privacy,Then the choice of solid glass blocks is for you.The appearance of high definition has 8 "x 3 ",4 "x 8" x 3 "and 3" x 8 "x 3" sizes are available.For higher privacy items, the size of the 8 "x 3" can provide a fixed face.Solid blocks are usually reinforced with galvanized panels by horizontal mortar joints (Usually every 24"And panel anchor (Every 24 "andTie the window board to the jack or both sides of the opening.These glass masonry units also meet the standard of tempered glass windows due to their strength.Maintaining a decline in construction costs and safety issues has never been as important as it is today in our unstable world.The owners can be provided step by step using solid safety glass block windows and walls,employees,More comfortable with parents,style,Safety and most important-peace of mind.
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