aluminum panels Solar Water Heaters - What Should the Orientation and Tilt Angle Be?

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
When installing solar water heatersYou have to take its tilt angle and direction seriously.This affects the efficiency of the collector.It also ensures that panels get the maximum amount of solar energy through different seasons,Especially winter.When there is little sunshine.With the appropriate settings,Solar collectors can be smaller--That means they take up less space--These are definitely cheaper than larger panels.For people living in the northern hemisphereTheir collectors need to lean South.The tilt angle is 15 degrees plus the latitude of the installation location.This is the ideal configuration that allows you to collect the biggest sunshine of the year.For example,The latitude of Arizona is 33 degrees.Increase the latitude of 15 degrees to give us 48 degrees--This is the angle of tilt your panel should be for it to take advantage of the maximum energy.But this is only theory

Many homeowners choose to align the tilt angle with the roof.They pay attention to the aesthetics of installation.After all,Who would love to see a huge piece of material sticking out like a sore thumb from their roof?Although we will not optimize the configuration (From an engineering point of view,This setting serves the needs and wants of users after all.Fortunately,Solar collectors are more tolerant than their PV panel brothers.Tilt deviation, falling at 20 degrees (Either direction)From the optimal point of view, it will not cause serious losses to its efficiency.In fact,Tilting 15 degrees north from the best angle can have its advantages.During summer,Water will not overheat and more hot water will be generated in winter.Similarly,Tilt your hot collector South (Away from the best tilt angle)It can lead to more overheating in the summer and less hot water in the winter.This may not be a bad thing, after all--Some people would rather have more hot water in the summer to keep their pool warm.With this knowledge,You can adjust the angle to suit your needs.Preferably,The tilt angle allows for change depending on the season.But the hardware needed to implement this setup usually ends up being an ugly structure for metals and joints.Not many homeowners accept such confusion.Moreover,More moving parts will be maintained.When positioning your heat collector,You 'd better point them to the real South.Similar to the tilt angle,Collectors can tolerate wider orientation angle deviations than solar panels.They can receive most of the solar energy, even if you install them 15 degrees real South.Beyond this tolerance,The effectiveness of the collector is rapidly attenuated.You may often be forced in the East-Prejudice or the West-The biased direction is far from the real South.The perfect direction is often unrealistic.If you are in this fix,Choose the West so the collector can be exposed to more heat due to higher ambient temperatures in the afternoon.When you line up your compass to find the real South,Remember, it is pointing opposite to the magnetic south.Corrections must be made to locate the best direction.To do this,You need to compensate for the magnetic attenuation of your site.When you are evaluating the installation site,Keep in mind that shadows can lead to a significant reduction in the efficiency of the heat collector.Although the solar water heater is not sensitive to shading,It's good to put them in an open place,Unobstructed location from nine o'clock A.M. to three o'clock P.M. so that they can be exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight during this critical period.Using standard shadow analysis tools such as solar Pathfinder,You can make it easier for yourself to evaluate the coloring conditions of your location.You can finally get ready to install the collector.Determined its direction,Tilt angle and position.Whether you buy a mount or do it yourself,The choice of materials is equally important.In areas with low humidityThe angle iron can be used.Otherwise,Materials such as aluminum or stainless steel are more suitable because they are more resistant to corrosion.The solar water heater is installed in the rain,Tropical and coastal climates will benefit from these materials.
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