aluminum panels Solar Power House - Why Time Magazine Calls Thin Film Solar Panels Invention of the Year

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
If you want to build oneSolar house
And you will get the best strength with the least amount of cash
And once the solar building is expensive
Today, with new advances in technology, it is becoming cost-effective and cost-effective.Increase in the household solar market a new product is:
Thin film solar panels
, making it easier than ever to get cost effective solar energy
.These new thin-film solar panels are now being usedSolar home, is actually in the stack is not thick thin layers of wrapping paper
This technique can be used in solar calculator and seen in the film.
Instead of baking panels of the traditional way
Film, solar panels is more like a press machine
.The use of these new flexible solar panels has many advantages.Solar house
They are more light, suitable for all kinds of surface
And .

They look good., there is no huge and ugly panels on the roof
-the most worrying thing isA key benefit is that these the purchase cost of thin film solar cells is much lower, and the efficiency is higher.
Installation of thin-film solar panels convert solar house is definitely an idea
.These new thin panel behind the technology and science are essentially the same
, there are some differences in the manufacturing process.

Silicon is placed between wafer battery layers, but for thin film cells
, placing gallium copper indium or cadmium Telluride between each layer

NewThin film solar panels
Nor is it the same way
.These panels are made on large printing presses, similar to those using aluminum foil.That this process is quite cheap
The design and manufacture of thin film solar panels
Solar house
Even have been CNN and characteristic difference time magazine's annual "invention"

The advantages of solar panels make it a worthwhile inventionAnd .

In addition, solar energy will eventually be as affordable as other forms of energy.These new thin-film solar panels, the absolute is a technological leap, will change the way we think of solar energy
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