aluminum panels Solar Panel Construction Made Easy

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Solar panel construction is not as difficult as you might thinkSpecialized in manufacturing solar panels typically use high quality materials and process
The material for the average person is usually very expensive.
They use these because they support their products for a long time and cannot use the material needs to be maintained or may be broken
.We can use this to save a lot of cash.Most commercial solar panels are using aluminum as frame.
We can use wood
The edge, but seal it so it will be outdoor survival
.BasicallyWe will build a small wooden case

We can use plywood to make the bottom of the box, any type of wood to make the box frame or shallow surface.We need to use the silicone seal the joints
We also need to use external sealing glue sealing wood, in order to prevent the wood rot, prevent water from entering the interior.
It will have to take 24/7 of the element
.We will use a piece of organic glass in front of the TV
. Make sure it's ultraviolet.-proof, which will ensure it remain as clear as possible, do not fade
Using organic glass will also make sure that it won't break or crack if any solar panels
And .

If you can prevent the glass from breaking, you can replace it with a piece of glass

We will use this framework to make solar cells protection elements

The size and shape of the panel will determine the layout and number of solar cells we can useWe built a bigger box
We can make use of solar cells
We have more cells
, the more energy we produce
!The solar cells that we use to make solar panels are the same as those used in professional solar panels.In the face of we want to save money, because we want to weld together
And .

It's not that hard.!Just like any other electronic devices
Connectors, solar cells have positive and negative connector
. We'll connect.(welding
) with a specific line called "mobile line"
We will from the positive to the negative side.
This series will be connected to the circuit and allows us to add each unit of output voltage of the total output voltage

For example:If we had 64 solar cells at 0Each we can get 5 volts 32 v
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