aluminum panels Solar Panel Construction

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
Commercial building solar panels are usually put together using high quality durable but expensive materialsThis is because they have to guarantee their products for a long time and cannot use the material needs to be maintained
.Here we can save a lot of money
Commercial aluminum panel used in where
For example: we can use wood as long as it is sealed well to resist all kinds of elements.In essence, we will build a shallow wooden cases
Plywood support or at the bottom of the box
Almost any type of wood frame or light box will do good
.We will seal the seams with organosilicon and seal the wood with any good external wood sealant to prevent wood decay and water from entering the room

In front of the box is a piece of UV-proof plexiglassUv protection to maintain clear glass and resin as much as possible so as not to break if anything
Can substitute for organic glass, if you can prevent it from breaking.
.All this is to keep panel of courage
(solar cells,
) protected by componentAlso by the size and shape of the panel layout and the number of solar cells
.We will use the solar cell is exactly the same cell, for commercial plate

The part about saving money is we bring them together.It is not difficult
!Solar cells have a positive side as well as a negative side

We will connect
) with a moving line "flat wire from the negative side of positive
This is strung them together, and allows us to increase the output voltage of each unit.
(0.5 volts) to get the required output voltage. Example: 32 solar cells at 0

5 volts = 16 volts.0 volts.
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