aluminum panels Solar Cell Reaches New Efficiency Level

by:Carlos     2019-04-09
Sharp has long enjoyed a reputation at the forefront of solar cell and solar panel development.In the announcement of Osaka on October 222009,Sharp has reached an incredibly new level of conversion efficiency of 35.8%.This is achieved by using what they call a "three-knot composite solar cell.Not like siliconThis is the foundation of almost all solar cells today.Sharp used a layer of INDs,Gallate and sodium arsenate reached a high conversion rate of this new record.This means this in the real world.In a sunny situation,We accept 1,000 watts of solar land per square meter on Earth.This new level of efficiency is 35.8% means that the power of 358 Watts can now be extracted from a square meter of panel area.This will produce 140 and 160 watts of energy from the same region with the best silicon-based panels.We can't buy these panels yet from our friendly neighborhood solar distributorThis technology is more commonly used in satellites.However,A California-based companyNano-Solar energy is using a similar technology and is printing solar cells with selenium,indium,gallenide,Sodium arsenate ink is directly mixed in a special aluminum support.It is expected that this new technology will definitely penetrate consumers-Hope is faster than later-Than what is currently available.There is no reason to believe this excellent 35.8% conversion will be a limitation of efficiency.Testing with these relatively new photo absorption techniques is still in its infancy,It is hoped that other solar cell manufacturers will investigate this low-cost option in the near future.On average,Those of us who want their solar system to operate are still limited to the current silicon-based battery crop.Because it may take a few years before new cells are widely used.The only option we have at the moment is to use what we have at hand today.
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