aluminum panels Solar Air Heater For Home Or Commercial Heating

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Solar air heater system uses solar radiation to heat specific rooms using solar panelsThere are a lot of use of solar air heating method
, we can even use online resources to help build a at home
It is a kind of solar thermal systems
That is, air is heated by solar radiation in a collector and transferred directly to an internal space or storage medium, such as a stone box.Solar panels are used to operate these systems.
Solar panels, hot air, and then convey to a room
The basic component of the system including the solar energy collector plate
Pipe systems and diffusers

With or without a fan, the heated air works.No action natural ventilation fan of air distribution system
.In the field of agriculture
, the production of food sometimes need to keep in a warm place especially in the monsoon
Solar air heater working here
. It can raise the temperature of the room and make it properly heated.Such product can keep safe, will not be spoiled, because of the humidity
.Solar air heater work in much the same way as the working principle of a solar water heater
And .

The heater is kept in the open outside the room so that it can absorb sunlight.Is commonly used by solar panels, but people all kinds of things

Some people paint them black with aluminum cansThen, they are arranged on a plate, and is suitable for a framework.
Board or pot should have holes are connected, so the air through them
Therefore, the cold air from the room through the tank temperature and warm air into the room to improve
.In this way, the solar air heater is a very economic way for heating a room.

Instead of using expensive heating that requires a lot of electricity, it's definitely a cost.Effective solution
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