aluminum panels Sliding Glass Doors - The Homeowner's Buying Guide

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Shopping sliding glass patio doors can be a bit overwhelming.Just visit any home center or large box hardware store and you will find dozens of options on the floor,And possibly hundreds more options in the special order catalog.How do average homeowners know where to start?In the following article,We will explain what you need to know and then you go shopping sliding glass patio doors for your home.When you buy a sliding door, one of the first things you should pay attention to is the frame.The courtyard doors built by the factory have several different frame styles.Solid wood frame is a very high-end choice,And is usually found only on custom made doors.Many factories went to the so-called wooden structure.This is an aluminum frame with an external wooden cover for installation.This reduces the cost of the door.While still giving a fancy to a high-end wooden frame.For the most economical courts,You may see the basic aluminum frame.Single piece hollow aluminum extrusion is usually a selection frame for the lower price courtyard door model.One thing you might be looking for is a hot brake aluminum frameThis is basically constructed in two blocks,So in very cold weather,You won't have aluminum cream inside the panel.The type of glass used is the next important consideration to buy your patio door.Glass panels have single or double pane.Double glass,Also known as IG unitis preferred.This glass will be tempered.If it breaks,It will not crush and cause potential safety hazards.One of the latest trends in doors and windows is low-E,Or low emission rate,glass.Low-E glass is used to create very energy-efficient doors and windows,Because it reflects the heat back to its source instead of absorbing and transmitting it in your home.Other benefits are low-E glass helps reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays,This will stop your,And the curtains are faded and discolored.The last thing to consider when comparing sliding glass doors is the type of hardware used.Most sliding patio doors have a single point lock,This is usually a hook lock that locks through the hook to the door frame of the patio.Single point lock is not very safe,Because the court door can usually be lifted from its frame,Even if the handle is in a lock position.The better option is double point lockWhich means there are two hooks.In the opposite direction,Lock to the door frame.This can prevent the possibility of the door being lifted from its frame.If security is a problemThere are various after-sales products that can be added to your courtyard door to make it safer.Block bars can be added,Extended to the fixed side of the sliding door,Prevent the door from being opened.If the seal is made of a large amount of metalIt will provide good security.Most barrier Rod systems have a mechanical connection method.Another add-The security option is a security pin.These devices are usually installed at the bottom or at the top of the door,Prevent opening when the door lock.For more information about the type of sliding glass patio door that suits you,Visit your local Family Center and spend some time talking to the sales staff.They are usually proficient in all aspects of the door line they carry,They should be able to guide you in the right direction.
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