aluminum panels Screen Repair

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
A screen in southwest Florida is a must.We have beautiful weather during the winter season and let's keep our windows open and enjoy the fresh air.Anyone living in the SWFL area also knows that we have not only beautiful weather,We can also make a lot of mistakes.Whether it's a window screen,Lanai screen or pool cage screen, you need to make sure they are all up to standard to keep the error.What to look for when checking the screen.First,the obvious,holes.If you have a hole in the screen, then the screen obviously does not do its work.A small hole can cause bugs to climb in.You also need to check the edge of the screen.Sometimes there is a tear caused by the wind along the edge of the frame, and unless you gently push on the screen or blow the window, it will not always be obvious.This is usually a problem with the pool cage and the lanai screen, but a normal window screen can also occur.Also,It may become dry and rotten as the screen age,This makes the screen very stiff and fragile.When this happens to the screenThe screen becomes very vulnerable,You can easily push your finger through a screen like this when a new screen comes with flex and pushes your finger to it.The next thing to look for is a spline.The spline is a rubber material that makes the actual screen material in the frame of the screen.The spline may dry and rotate, causing it to slide out of the frame.We have encountered screens in the past and lost the spline on one side of the frame.Next,You want to see the frame of the screen.Pool cage and balcony,The damage will be the size of the frame material that is quite obvious.On the window screen,You want to make sure that the metal frame does not bend.If it is curved, it will not fit the window that creates a gap locally.Also,The corner of the window screen is usually a plastic bracket that connects both sides of the screen.The screen will be dried and cracked with age to prevent sitting in the frame of the window.How to fix these problems?For those DIY ers there,Screen fixes are definitely a project you can try.It's fairly easy, and once you get it hanging, you can go through the material in most hardware stores (,,etc.).Here are the items you need to fix the screen:The window screen is quite easy and safe to do.You want to put a piece of screen on the frame.Screen size (You can crop a small panel to make it easier to use.You will trim it to the exact size later.Once the screen is placed on the frame, it is time to insert the spline.Just take a piece of spline,Take it to the corner of the screenAnd scroll it into the channel.Do one side of the screen,Then two adjacent sides,Then the opposite side ends.Here are some tips to make it a little easier:Make sure you don't pull the screen tight we will bend the frame of the screen.Also,Be careful when pushing the spline into the frame,You can tear the screen apart if you are not careful.The best tip I can give you is to look at the grid mode of the screen.Make sure it is completely parallel to the frame.This will help you keep the bubbles out of the screen.Pool cages and balconies can be a bit more difficult for some.The higher and larger panels make it more difficult to get the right screen.You may be able to get it, but it may not be tight and there may be some bubbling around the corner.It's better to have two people working together on these types of panels and proper safety equipment if you have to work on higher or roof panels

It may be more difficult to repair the frame work.You need to have the right equipment to do the exact cutting.The window screen is obviously easier than the pool cage and lanais, but it does take time and precision.Working in the cage frame can be dangerous.Broken frames can lead to instability within the structure.It is always wise to check your surroundings before starting the work on this project and make sure you are ready before starting this project.
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