aluminum panels Rotting Windows and Doors - Common Causes

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Nothing is more frustrating than this. Find all the time and money spent painting your home. When you find that doors and windows have begun to rotNow try to save the rest of the process framework of components
But, unfortunately, it's not always feasible, replacement is the only option.
These are some of the common causes of rotting doors and Windows
.Flickering improperly or not flickering* don't blink
, water can penetrate through the window or door at the top of the joint allows moisture contact is unfinished wood
.The unit is not level
, Plumb, and squaresFont if window frames and door panels do not fit evenly with the frame, they allow water to penetrate the opening, causing damage to unfinished wood.Poor caulking
: filling is not used correctly, is the use of the wrong type.
.There is no complete manufacturers specification window or door
In addition to the exterior wall paint: at least two layers of high quality alkali primer should be used to prevent water infiltration raw wood
.Improper sealing of rack and parts during manufacturing: there are few wood doors and Windows sealed framework and component intersection allows water to enter the last food decay process
.Inferior framework material
Most of today's wood products are made of cork(fast-growing wood
) making the completion process a key step in protecting the framework from decay.Lack of maintenance
: every year check wood doors and Windows
, pay attention to the side of the column and the windowsill crossroads
That should be performed
.Even with extreme care and preventive maintenance, the life of these products is relatively short and needs to be replaced.
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