aluminum panels RMZ Face Lift

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
In the last problem of EDMYou may remember.We tested a copy of the 2007 rmz rc from Suzuki.In the conclusion of the test,Suzuki gave us the option to return or buy it from them.After some second deliberation,We took the opportunity.We always look for bikes as a great foundation for the project bike and RMZ.Although we like the look of the RC replicaWe think Zook will benefit from being a little personalized.You can raise your face if you like.We gave ourselves a $1 budget.000.00, sit down and make a list of what we will change in the universe.The overall stock motor is good,So changing it is not what we feel is necessary.Besides,We want to try to stick to the budget and get expensive quick access to the car.At the top of our list is a graphic toolkit.The look away from the RC copy is top priority.Go to the powermotion Grafx website and select a suitable kit to get the juice flowing.The guys there are great and very helpful.We were able to take a standard template and they have and modify it to suit our needs, including removing some colors and adding carbon Raptor and EDM marks.If you have a sponsor, you want to add to your graphics suite,They have logo documents for most major companies and you can put them wherever you like.We use our new suite for the latest technical tips.Lesley,A girl from an EDM shop installed graphics for us.Click here to see her in action.The next one on the list is plastic.Even if plastic is new,We decided to go to white because the black has been done.Our stock plastic kit already has white side panels,Digital Board and fork guard so what we need is a shield set and front and rear fender.A phone call to someone in UFO plastic to let us go what we need.We used their plastic kit to rebuild the story for KX and the quality of their replacement plastic was really impressive.Once again,We made the right choice.Perfect arrangement of all accessories and holes.We have white plastic on our project bike.Stock the yellow tank looks like a sore thumb.There are several solutions when it comes to a replacement tank.Looking for the best one,We turn to Clarke manufacturing to gain inventory capability.White replacement.The hardware and petrochemicals installed in stock are used from your old tank and replacement.It is easy to install and seal perfectly,There is no difficulty in queuing up and attaching the Clark unit.Our intention was to stop the change with cosmetics, but since we only spent $600 on a budget of $1000, we thought it might be nice to add some personal contacts.Those things that really make your bike.Some people call it Brothers,We call it custom.We started to finish a double composite grip set in CR high bending from SUNLINE to an AV one handlebar.There is a vibration damping system inside the bar that works well and if you haven't tried yet you miss a great thing.There is nothing to say, "This is my bike", setting his/her control way than the rider.Just hop on your friend's bike and see how it feels different from yours.The opportunity is that the lever is in a different position.Brake pedals and Pipettes at different heights than you like them and so on.After-sales leverage allows you to take this step further.We completed the invention of a C/5 series lever handle bar area from ASV.These levers can be adjusted to fit the size of almost any hand, making for greater comfort and less fatigue.This is our humble view, the best lever in the market, if you want your hand control to be what you want,They must have it.With all this increasing, we have already spent it under our budget.But there are other things that we think RMZ will benefit from.In our initial test, we noticed that the brakes in front were good, but not very good.And, because there's nothing more than a bicycle that stops a dime, we can't resist going to Galfer to get one of their oversized rotors.This is a piece of cake to install, it makes a big difference.The color of a few splashes is about all the missing, so we replaced the stock brake reservoir cover and the engine plug with the red unit from the engineering connection stock plastic rear disc guard had to go, replaced with black aluminum units from pro Moto blanks.We spent $1.400 for some serious upgrades and bikes, it doesn't look like any other is there.Check the link below with the story of the picture.
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