aluminum panels Residential Elevators

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
If you want to give your fashion family looks very trendyFrom the elevator, residential elevator ideal and elegant options
. Moreover
Was proved to be a valuable asset, the elevator, all types of housing
.Federal Elevator is an established provider of barrier-free equipment to provide unique residential elevators to accommodate any applicationSafe and comfortable to come into your home
, panoramic view, the Renaissance of the elevator from the elevator and practical choice
In addition
, provide energy-saving operations.

These are quiet operations.And to ensure that a velvet
- provides the user with a smooth service.
The passenger elevator different capacity and speed of affordable elegant modern or traditional
Storied building
. Learn about the use and limitations of residential elevators provided by federal elevators, and then select the product to meet your needs
.Improve your life lifestyle and panoramic elevator model
, used to transport passengers and groceries from the floor.-to-floorPanoramic lift hydraulic
With a smooth vertical transport of up to 8 stationsThe system with battery back-up emergency decline
, emergency lighting and alarm support units in the event of a power failure
.This product
:O handle up to 750 pounds of payload.
O has a manual and automatic swing entrance with accordion or scissors dooO the maximum speed of 50 FPM operation more than 50 feet
O Use of hydraulic drive systems.O have a car and an emergency alarm and stop button control station
O have the ability to adapt to the limited space
Residential elevator industryProvide an alternative, the elevator
The Renaissance, the elevator
This is one of the most high quality residential elevators on the market, can meet the actual needs of the elderly and disabled.
When it comes to access with extruded aluminum base material
, prop angle and flushing design door plateHydraulic power unitEmergency power supply unit
Standard platform car shell size
Emergency stop button and alarm, and some of the more basic and safety function.

When the hydraulic control valve feels negative pressureIt suddenly stop check valve downward pressure sensitive
Standard features include a telephone booth car shell
, the photoelectric eyes
To the gong and lights
, various interior cab panels complete and motion activated cab lights.In the past few years
Demand, from the federal house elevator elevator has been on the rise, because the elevator maintenance of high quality at affordable price tag
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