aluminum panels Replacing Steel Casement Windows

by:Carlos     2019-04-10
I have received quite a few emails from the owners wondering how to replace their old steel shell windows.These are the types of handles that you crank and the window opens outward.My teaching videos don't cover these windows,So I'm going to dedicate two articles to this topic.The first article will cover the removal process and measurement of your vinyl windows.I will review the installer next week.The first thing you need to do is order your vinyl replacement window.The old window can only be deleted with a new window.So,Let's start with a single window,No fixed panel.The crank window opens from the inside and you will see a metal lip extending about 1/2 "wide from your drywall on all four sides.The framework for this part is in place,So the new window will fit those lips.So,To get the width size,Measured from the lips to the lips from the left to the right,Then subtract 1/4 "to enter.Do the same height.Let's say you measure the height lip to lip of 35 3/8 "width and 38 3/8.You will order the new window 35 1/8 "X 38 1/8 ".If you live in the WestAvailable in the transformation framework,You want to order a modified style frame.In parts of the country, only replacement style frames are available,After installing the window, the trim must be added to the outside.After Windows arrived,It's time to delete the old window.A single casing without a fixed panel is the easiest to remove.When you open the windowYou will notice two pivot components.There is one at the top and one at the bottom.Cut the metal sheet connecting the pivot pin.Like that,The entire window frame and glass will be removed.Now,Remove the crank assembly to keep it in the House by removing the screws.The last step is to remove the protruding metal stud cut at the pivot to remove the window.The easiest way is to get a pair of channel lock tongs or sub-clips as close to the frame as possible,Then the secondary clamp is raised and lowered to break the metal off.That's it.If you have a combined shell and a fixed panel,You removed the basement as I described it.Then,You have to remove the fixed glass.I used to put the tape out of the glass.Then,I used a $2 glass cutter that you can buy at the hardware store.Before each cut, put a drop of household oil on the tip of the knife.From inside,Put the glass on top of the glass,At the bottom,And along each side.Then,Tip with screwdriverClick to score all the way around the glass.Put a pie or old sheet outside the window,Take the handle of a hammer,Knock the glass out in the score.You will have a vertical metal bar in the center where the enclosure window is locked.With a reciprocating saw or hacksawCut the bar and it meets the frame from the drywall.Glass fragments appear outside the metal lips.You gotta knock those off.So they don't have the way to install the new window.You can leave the glass putty in place.You have installed a new window since it will be hidden.Please wear gloves and safety glasses throughout the disassembly process!!I'm going to explain two types of installers next week,Whether it's installing a modified or changing style frame.
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