aluminum panels Renovating a Victorian Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-11
If you want to paint your Victorian home to reflect its heyday,You might want to use "authentic", Victoria-Color and combination of the times.Although many Victorian houses today are neutral-themed,This may not be the best route for a true Victorian style."Real", Victoria color may surprise youBecause they are not plain,Not always light.In 1885,A critic of California architect and builder News said that the Victorian color program in San Francisco:"

red,yellow,chocolate,orange,Everything is loud fashion

If the upper story is not red or blue

They were painted yellow and brown uncouth panels

"Although he may not appreciate the bright colors of fashion,Today there is a clear team of homeowners who want to paint their homes with the true colors of the times and bold colors.Contrary to today's white Victorian periodThe Victorian family is in the middle-Painted black in late 1800,vivid colors.Earth tone to keep rocking:rich browns,What are the green trees and brick reds that dot mid-Victorian -?Neighborhood.The Victorian Society is interested in nature, which is reflected in their color scheme,Inside and not.Rich colors are usually used for walls and decorations and are reflected in coordinating wallpaper printing and styling within the home.If you learn pictures and books of Victorian architecture and think about how the original builders of your home should color the various parts of it.Every Victorian home,There is a certain color that can be more or less appropriate depending on the time, and the home is a special flavor of the building and the house itself.If you can find photos of your home in historical documentsIt may help you choose the shadow,If not the color of the paint to be used.If you want more splendor,Consider painting your Victorian style similar to that of San Francisco, "Painted Lady ".While the above quote suggests that bright colors are certainly not unknown to the Victorian home of the 1800 s,This style really started in his 60 s.A terrible wartime economic period made many of these beautiful houses gray battleship paint and "modern" AluminumTar paper and plaster.When the artist Buch catim painted his Italian dishes-At home in blues and green style,He was criticized at first.But when other homeowners began to imitate his color schemeThe Painted Lady was born and has become one of the attractions in San Francisco.The Painted Lady has three or more contrasting colors to show off the decor at home.Intense blues,greens,reds,The families do not know the shades of purple and pink.If you want to go this wayTake a closer look at the many photos of the Lady and the ideas you like.If you want a real copy of your home in its early days, external painting of your Victorian home can be challenging.However,It's an interesting challenge to make your home some of the ones that may have come out of 1800

or the 1960s

Or anywhere!
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