aluminum panels Procedure for Attaching Polycarbonate Sheets Panels

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
GreenThe house is an amazing way to cultivate your own patch of earth and natural connections. HoweverBefore, some elements must be in a greenhouse is easy to produce some amazing things
This includes the structure of the voice.
.The rest of the plate connection, until you reach the top in the middle of the roof or on both sides of the greenhouse

Seal all exposed seams with one- inch foil tape
In the same way to cover each side of the greenhouse, until to cover the entire house
.Channel or ridge should run from top to bottom
And .

Bury the panel four inches deep.

Hit the panel on the ground with a malletThis will make the panels of the rodents and add strength structure
.With carbide drill bit in the panel on the four corners of drilling
Will be wearing to protect his eyes
Safety committee with a screwdriver and screws in each corner
. Put the washer on the screw and then put it in the hole.To drill 4 holes 6 inches away from the vertical end in every corner
.Hole horizontal edges should be two feet away
And .

Continue to connect each panel to the ground in the same way.Before, buried in the structure of the attachment

With one.Anti - inch
Dust lanes in the panel and frame
.The durability of additional polycarbonate table plate is a great way, to ensure that your house due to its toughness and high levels of resistance loss
In the absence of professional equipment, can finish the work in a relatively short period of time.

Install the first polycarbonate sheet panelFrom a corner of the greenhouse
.Aluminum hatThe length of cut a piece of aluminum roof
From peak to another at the end of the circular saw
. Aluminum should be wide enough to extend a few inches down.About half a
-footThe aluminum roof ridge
The roof on both sides of the aluminum bending down
Insert foam weather seal form cap screw and security
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