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by:Carlos     2019-04-08
In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to interview many interesting characters:Tourism experts,authors,Philanthropist,And enlightened entrepreneurs.Article series on the Toronto beach community,I would particularly like to interview business owners who have come up with business ideas for social and environmental innovation.Michael Prue,Member of the beach/East York Provincial CouncilPoint me in the direction of Alex Winch.Owner of The Beach solar laundromat.You might want-a laundromat,How could this be an interesting business?Well,Read on and you will see that the business and its owners are definitely out of specification.Early Thursday morning I met Alex at the east side of Queen Street and introduced this unusual business.When Alex bought the laundromat in 2002, it was out of date.So Alex started working and replaced almost half of the washer and dryer with the new high-Efficiency machine.He also took the place through a complete facelift overhaul and lit it up quite a bit.But what's really interesting is behind the scenes.The whole operation process in the laundry was redesigned.Alex always wants to turn this business into a leader-Sustainable business on the edge of the environment.So in October of 2002, he ordered eight solar panels to be commissioned in December of 2002.Alex has been planning to use solar energy to heat the water needed for his laundry facilities.Alex explained that eight solar panels on the roof of his building measured about 250 square feet and were installed by a company called Solcan,Located in London,Ontario.The thermal panel consists of a layer of black copper with a 4 inch copper blade, containing a three/eight-inch copper tube flowing through it with antifreeze.This antifreeze includes food-Grade propylene glycol and pass the heat from the roof through the whole system to the heat exchanger in the basement.Even if there is a leak in the antifreeze pipeline,This will not pollute the water supply.The anti-There's a freezing point in the freeze-Ethylene glycol gel at 25 degrees Celsius,Turn off the solar hot water heating system because the ethylene glycol just stops moving inside the tube.In this case, the natural gas backup boiler system starts and starts to heat the water.To make his business more sustainable,Alex also replaced the lighting system and installed a new high-Efficiency fluorescent tube, in aluminum reflector.The reflector is essentially a double light output of the actual fluorescent tube.Combined high-Efficiency electronic lighting ballast,This measure alone can save 72% of lighting energy.Alex added that these energies-Protection is important because the lights on his business are 18 hours a day,7 days a week.The first thing Alex explained to me was that the air processor above the door sucked warm and humid air from the laundry.Run it through the coil and the air dehumidify.Condensation is captured and transferred to the basement for drainage through the piping system.The condensate is not renewed-Used for laundry for concern about Lint contamination of water.To illustrate the operation of his company's solar hot water system,Alex took me into the basement and showed me all kinds of water tanks.Pipeline and precision measuring equipment, calculate the actual energy output and natural gas displacement provided by this solar hot water system.There are two different water intake systems in the basement:Solar heating system, with a heat exchanger and a 200 gallon water tank,And a backup natural gas heating system that uses a natural gas boiler with a separate 100 gallon hot water tank.A separate 100 gallon tank replaces two 200 gallon tanks that were previously used.The new gas boiler can heat 100 gallons of water in 7 minutes,This new, smaller and more efficient system provides, "Justice-in-Time, "water heatingOnly heat the water when needed.The added benefit of the system is that it stores a smaller amount of hot water, greatly reducing the energy loss of water storage.The brick chimney of the building was hit on the roof-Horizontal, now as a pipe to keep the ethylene glycol circulating to the solar panel on the roof.Heat the ethylene glycol from the panel and go back to the basement,Laundry facilities via heat exchanger and heated hot water.The second heat exchanger heats the water circulating through the radiator and provides space heating for the building.The air conditioning system connects three different air handling procedures at the water temperature of the building for laundry is 120 degrees F (About 55 degrees Celsius)Dissolve laundry soap here,Resulting in no additional heat loss.All heating and cooling processes are controlled by thermostats,A complex measurement system calculates how much natural gas is saved using solar energy.This measurement system is connected to a website on the Internet ( provides real-time energy monitoring for anyone curious.The site also offers a "live laundry camera" that allows customers at the beach solar laundromat to see how busy the Laundromat is.Alex has installed a low-Resolution camera to improve customer service so that his client can easily check from home when doing laundry will be a good time.A second high-Resolution camera,Their images are not public.The installation is for the sake of safety as the laundry is not staffed on a regular basis.Some customers were initially worried that photographers would infringe on their privacy,But once Alex explains that the low-resolution camera will not provide enough clear images to identify them (Or their dirty laundry room),These concerns have been eased.Obviously Alex has a lot to do with technology.When he tried to explain to me the complex details of his solar heating system-Things like heat exchangers and volumetric flow meters-I asked him if he was an engineer.He explained that he graduated from engineering physics at Queen's University in 1985.Four years later, he added the title of chartered financial analyst to his resume and set up his own company to sell research on Canadian stocks to American hedge funds.In 1990, he started his first hedge fund, followed by the opening of an office on 667 Park Avenue in New York City in 1993.Based on his successHe retired 1995.What he said was the "freedom 31" incident.After that, he became a major shareholder in the casino company.Volunteered as head of investor relations and became chairman of the board of directors.Alex is not satisfied with the way things run in the company and asks for various changes.When management did not respond to his concerns about leaving on 2002 and launched a hostile proxy confrontation threat,In other words, he threatened to take over the company.Alex talked to all the shareholders.They are ready to vote for change.Alex asked the president to resign or he would "kick him out ".Management initially ignored the threat,Three days later, all management and the board resigned and named him as the contact person for the company.Alex explained that you can't do this in a public company.Officers cannot simply leave their responsibility.His lawyer advised him not to do anything.There was another discussion with management a few days later, and Alex said he would not file hostile agency documents.Instead, he wants management to make the changes he wants,Otherwise he will sue them for damages on purpose.The casino company's management responded by issuing a statement canceling their resignation and implementing the reforms Alex requested.In the past few years, the stock value has increased by seven times,The company is profitable and Alex Winch is one of the biggest shareholders.At that time, Alex was generally not interested in the public capital market,And decided to create their own small business.Life is only five minutes away,He immediately looked at the laundromat when it became available for sale and concluded that it could be an opportunity for an interesting project to work on.This is the beginning of the story.Alex's fun business model also includes a washing and folding service for the laundry, which is provided by two local ladies from Monday to Friday between 1 and seven o'clock P.M.The service of "fluff and folding" provides convenience for customers, after simply putting their laundry and picking it up completely.Alex is not accusing the two ladies of running business from his laundromat.But his business benefits from greater capacity utilization and load-Moving from busy evening and weekend hours to less busy day hours,Create a win-winWin the situation for his businessWashing and folding service providers and customers.Alex Winch is always trying to find a solution that will provide the best possible benefit that everyone cares about.But Alex's knowledge of renewable power generation and innovative business models has not stopped working with the Beach solar Laundromat:Alex combines his unique process-Generation and monitoring of on-site energy and turning it into a successful international business enterprise.Alex founded Monty energy.The company has the global capability to install solar hot water heating equipment,Complete the necessary monitoring system,Generate solar energy at the customer's site and charge for the generated solar energy,Wherever they may be.The good thing for customers is that they don't have to invest in expensive-The former capital cost enables their solar hot water system to start and run.Instead,Single core has and runs hardware to generate energy,And assume the responsibility of equipment maintenance.Then the customer charges at a fixed monthly rate,Based on the energy generated by the device.For customers, the ability to lock in energy costs is an important factor in the environment in which energy prices fluctuate and rise.In addition,The price of solar energy delivered is lower than the cost of comparable natural gas,Make this an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional natural gas water heating.Last,but not least,Energy production is completely green,No greenhouse gases.Today,Alex was involved in a couple of big-Scale of sustainable energy transformation projects in Toronto:On November 2006,In the 172 suites, a renewable thermal energy system was commissioned for the demand for domestic water,By local non-The profit organization is called the neighborhood link home.With 60 flat-panel solar panels installed in mondir, carbon dioxide emissions are expected to decrease by 40 per year.3 tons and connect the bill neighborhood at affordable prices per month.The single-core energy generated by solar energy will also provide water-heated wood green community housing companies.,A 170-unit social housing website on the east side of Queen Street, Toronto.108 solar panels will replace the estimated 32,000 m³ of the gas,53 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.Alex explained that his system is the best at the moment-Suitable for business or more?Residential buildings in units.Single economics-The family's private home is not as good a job yet,In particular, Canada provides little incentive to get rid of traditional energy.He therefore focuses on large and medium-sized projects.Several substantive commercial projects are currently under negotiation,It includes a major hotel in Atlanta and a casino hotel in Reno.Single-core energy is also bidding for large-Solar hot water project in Hawaii.Contacts across the United States have been very receptive to his unique approach-On-site thermal power generation.In a way,Alex explains,He is already round:He has changed from dealing with big companies to a small entrepreneur and is now back to dealing with big companies.Alex has won numerous awards for his innovative and sustainable energy efforts,Including the Bremen Partnership Award ("Bremer Umweltpreis "-Bremen Environmental Award)High value for customers,Widely used in the community,Sustainable use of water and solar energy and additional value in the "social dimension.Alex himself is very committed to sustainable energy, so his company Mondi energy has become a partner in creating the annual tourism climate change Award.Two $10 awards000,Sponsored by mon dial,It will be distributed on November 2007:The award's review team will include prominent figures from global organizations such as Maurice Strong of the Rio Earth SummitJose Mariah Figueres (past-President of Costa Rica),And the National Geographic Society and the WTO (World Tourism Organization).With this award, Alex says he is committed to improving the image of finding solutions to climate change for the tourism industry.Alex demonstrates his commitment to a sustainable life, even in the selection of some of his personal accessories:He showed me his civic ecology-Drive Watch,A stylish watch whose face is a photovoltaic battery, Power Watch,Eliminate the need for batteries.The watch will work for 270 days without being exposed to light and citizen's marketing slogan often refers to the Watch as "unstoppable", Alex said ".What is unstoppable is a currency that can be applied equally to Alex winch-Alex will not stop until his mission is done as part of him to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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