aluminum panels Pool Sunrooms For the Modern Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-07
Protect you from heat in the summer, keeping you warm during the winter:Solarium pool the biggest advantage is you can protect you in the summer heat
Swimming pool in the winter, the sun room more warm, more cool in summer.
Because the pool is not exposed to dust
, leaves, etc.Keep clean in a long time.
Pet animals and also hate animals can be away from the solarium, because of the limitation of it provides
.The best part is retractable roof availability for pool solarium
And .

There are many other interesting designs, of which retractable roofs provide the greatest benefit.

If it rains when you swim in the swimming pool, the roof can simply close the retractable roof so that Rain Water doesn't ruin your pleasure in the swimming pool

Follow the correct installation procedure
:Some solar house has a swimming pool three inches aluminum roof insulation.
The roof of wide plate by about four feet long, insulation roof has a volume according to the required length
Screening of the doors and Windows are made of glass or aluminum glass door on the screen
. Toughened glass panels are mounted without windows and doors.You may need to add an additional two feet long and feet wide overhangs
.Usually in the shape of a rectangular or square concrete deck

Around the concrete deck, at least three feet of area should be set aside at the edge of the pool.You may need to send pictures of the deck area of the swimming pool and your contact phone number
Oh, your address and name., if you want to order from a company sunbathing pool room
.Don't need to pay the cost of the delivery time
Pool solarium
Half of the amount can be paid at the time of delivery, the rest of the payment when installation.

Before installing the pool sun room, you must check with the building administration and obtain the necessary permissionIf you have any compliance and clearance, should be completed immediately
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