aluminum panels Plantation Shutters - MountingOptions

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
If you are considering installing custom plantation shutters at homeOne of the options, you need to consider is how to install the blinds to your window
. Most of the plantation shutters are customized and can be installed in a number of ways to your Windows
, thoughThere are two options: installed on the outside of the hanging belt and frame to frame
.The shutter panels are usually not directly connected to a window with hinge but hanging bar or frame
Provides a fast door plank, surface mount two pieces of light gap
To prevent direct sunlight from escaping from the edge of the panel.

However,Usually, the framework provides a finished appearance
Frame of installing blinds has become the most popular choice.
.Hang the
Hang a narrow wood
, 1 "x 1" is a common size.The window of the left and right side column is connected
Panel is attached to the "L" shape hanging belt
Hinged the fastener on the front hinge of the strap.When the panel closing
Hanging bars are almost invisible.Is dominant;
:O mountains near
: allows the shutter installed as close as possible to the window
O wash installed
: Deep casing with more than 2 windowsArticle, "hang allowed to install the blinds abundant pruning
o Cost* Because they usually cover a smaller area than a frame-mounted shutter.Article 5, shutter installed in hang the cost
Install shutters - 10% less than framework
o Flexibility: provide panels installed more flexibility to adjust window is not square
:O look
Complete framework installed shutter: overall appearance is not the same
o Tilt-in the windowA splint usually prevents sloping Windows.FramesFramework consists of a light box, surrounded the shutter panels as a picture frame
They are usually on the trim around your Windows installation plane
. The number of the frame can be used for different types of decoration

The most common frames are about 2 "deep and 1" wideFast door installed directly framework
.Is dominant;
:O look
: because the frame mounted directly to the clip
In 2000, the overall appearance is more perfect.With a precise color matching
Set the shutter should look like it was built as part of the window
Additional, attached
The hardware, there is no exposure

Only the narrow edge of the hinge is visible.O installation
: framework easier installation program installed in the Windows
:o Cost:: Because they usually cover larger areasOh, the framed blinds cost a little more.O highlight
* 1/2 "to 1" from the window frame shutter more outstanding than hanging bar
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