aluminum panels Patio Roofing - Your Best Option

by:Carlos     2019-04-06
If you are looking for a patio roof optionYou come to the right place
.First off, if you are in the design phase of the project
, you'd better put your home yard main roof

Typical, it will have a sloping roof system, such as asphalt shingle.
This strategy eliminates the low
Sloping roof products completely
, and their high cost and relatively short life span

If you want to add a terrace,, avoid light metal roof plate type is usually connected to the house has a garage and other manufacturing
These products are not only vulnerable in the strong wind.
, they will not bear
If you can't walk
Well, you can't serve it when you need it

But there is a structural metal panel, the word good patio roof
This is a composite of polyurethane foam sandwiched between two layers of aluminum
And .

Foam provides insulation and panels that can withstand some walking traffic.Is safe
Well, when I work on this roof, I use plywood to distribute my weight

Move to a more traditional choose your patio roof
Remember, the most important thing is that you need to have a positive drainage
Can achieve this slope as low as per foot 1/4"
If you don't have put it in the structure
, installing a tapered system between the roof deck and the roofAlmost any low sloped roof with proper drainage system can be successful
And .

Without it, few would have succeeded

More than one hundred years
Low, the traditional choice
-sloped roof completed-up roof(BURWith the gravel surface
The feeling of multi-level
, each layer of hot asphalt form a thick layer of asphalt.
, heavyResponsibility roof system, it is hard to beat

But because of the harm of high temperature asphalt, this type of roof is decreasing.And .

The insurance company demanded an astonishing deductible for hot tar accidents.Bit of the market, this is cool
, especially in the small house work
.A popular alternative methods terrace on the roof is the torch.
-Application of modified asphalt, or just because it is often referred to as "change"
This is a kind of curly roof product, is specially that makes up for to adapt to the changes in temperature.
The torch application can easily start a house on fire

And often

Have a family of plastics and rubber roofing products known as "the single
Thickness ", can be installed without the torch or kettle
But single inherent problems
The thickness of the roof just as its name implies
For example, there's only one layer of waterproof protection.Like fell to the ground tools or discarded cigarette butts such simple things will lead to leakage.
If you have any puddles
To prevent water intrusion seam must be perfect
And .

Perfection is what anyone wants.Including our roof workers

As luck would have it
, your patio roof have a very good choice.
This is a combination of the best features of mixing two different system
It begins with a conical roof deck reproduction
. And then smooth.-surfaced, selfAdhere to the mid -
The thickness of modified asphalt waterproof installation
And .

The last self.Adhere to modify the cap plate with white granular surface
.This system gives you support.- to strengthen the protection of buildings have
Than the roof and the change of flexibility
And there is no risk of torches and kettles
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