aluminum panels Patio Doors Evolution

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Sliding patio doorIn 50 years ago, is introduced
To provide the family
Host an inexpensive way to light up the living room and into the garden to create an additional
.For decades,, improved the quality of hot.
The type of glass and panel, use slide way
Sliding patio door can be soft or hard wood
, metal, alloys and polyvinyl chloride

, such as price and compatibility
Openings, and more than 8 feet may not easy to hold.
.Because the sliding plate need to stop somewhere
At least one limit access to the width of the panel
. One twoTank system
, there is only one door width provides two or three panel to open the gap on the system
, limiting the accessibility of 50 % or 76 % of the aperture

Only relatively recently a new concept to the folded panel
, serpent belly-styleIn order to create more access
Use of stronger materials
, many fold door can be opened nearly 100% access and be installed to fill the diaphragm more than 6 meters
, sliding panel system returned, reborn!The latest innovation
, launched this summer, is the sliding door runners on the lateral wall and the stack
Through almost the entire aperture, so that access
.It's like the old slide door., narrow and metal frame
Unlike their predecessors
, however, the use of the material has been improved in many ways.
: powderCoating thermal break aluminum frame is not easy to rust, is a poor conductor
(this is a good thing-The heat or cold external temperature has little effect on the temperature of the frame); KUse glass or similar almost unbreakable glass and adhere to strict insulation standards today
; finallyHas been completely transformed, tongue sliding mechanism
-and- groove method have been used for many years
So the door can slide smoothly

In theory,
, actually can accommodate this there is no limit to the opening width of sliding mode.
Overlay patio door
.One of the most popular color selection powder
-coating frame is natural white, but other popular colors are graySquid brown
, green, blue, silver and copper
(picture frame can be made with any color.
)Can also choose to shutter wrapped in double
-glazed units.Along with the evolution of the slide
Pile up the door
Ripe, the humble patio door
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