aluminum panels Parabolic Solar Oven

by:Carlos     2019-04-08
Mention solar energy immediately and they think of solar panelsParabolic solar oven
, however, when it comes to feed ourselves when there is a more practical application.
.Parabolic solar oven
At the same time looking for ways to reduce the use of non-renewable resources, you may encounter the solar energy
Solar power generation
, or solar energy
It uses the light of the sun to create energy.(electricity))Rechargeable batteries,
, hot water or other liquid
Through the window, passively home heating
, and even cooking food
. When solar energy is used to cook food, it usually occurs in the form of a solar stove, can take the place of wood and other fuel for cooking
A popular kind of solar oven is a parabolic solar oven
For other people, for many reasons.Parabolic solar oven collecting sunlight using parabolic reflector
, or curve shapThere are many different types of parabolic solar oven available.
, there are instructions can be used to create most of them
Parabolic style allows the food cooking at the same speed as the traditional oven
Than the other outdoor cooking methods (such as a campfire) more convenient.

ExtraBecause the parabolic solar oven don't use wood or other fuels
, start cooking faster and hardly take time to set up- and a bonfire
, you must take time to look for firewood
And light a fire, waiting for it to get hot

A simple way to begin to build your own parabolic cooker is by using a ready
Manufacture of satellite antenna
(of course)
Use a, someone is discarded

Its parabola shape is perfect for making ovens., and all you have to do is put reflective material on it.Glance, such as a mirror aluminum sheet is complete
Others prefer to start the parabolic solar oven has the shape of a bowl
, because they believe can make better food food cooking, and help protect the food from the air.
.Once you have a parabolic solar oven,, you need to think about cooking pot
The pot must be dark.
It also needs to be placed in the right place
Parabolic solar ovens should face to the sun
. Then, the pot should be placed on a small table, so that it can be placed on the focus of the oven.If you imagine a magnifying glass
Concentrated its beam, the pot should be located in glass
Once in position
, the oven should work for 60 to 90 minutes

If the food isn't cooked by then, or another pot needs to be heated., the oven should be adjusted to the direction of the sun.
.When you use a parabolic solar oven
, be sure to always wear ultraviolet light
(UV)(black protective sunglassesAluminum reflection, help fast cooking food easily also can burn your retina
When the parabolic solar oven when not in use, you also need to ensure that it can cover.
- this will prevent accidental flashing dazzling people and don't need to prevent the oven heating
If you follow these simple steps
Owning your own paraboloid solar cooker is a great asset to your environmentally friendly lifestyle

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